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Event Book Is A Calendar App For iPhone With Weather, Maps & A Flipboard-Like UI

You can find all sorts of feature-rich third-party apps for your iPhone, but if there is a stock app already there for it, most people prefer to stick with that. Many good to-do and task list apps have failed to make their mark because people are rarely willing to part with all the data they have stored on their existing calendars. Event Book is perfect for those of us who want to get a taste of something new without sacrificing the use of all the services synced with the stock Calendar app. The app displays all your appointments and upcoming events from every calendar service associated with your iPhone. It also shows you the current weather conditions on its main page, and you can embed location data pinned on maps in all the events you create within Event Book.

Event Book iOS Menu Event Book iOS Home Event Book iOS Event

To get started, just grant Event Book access to your calendars after launching it for the first time. By default, the app is in ‘Day Book’ mode, displaying all the events planned for the current day. Other than the total event count, there is also a separate entry for weather that shows you the present temperature, high/low temperatures for the day, and a graphical representation of the conditions outside. To add a new event, hit the ‘+’ icon from the top bar. To add a location to an event, just enter a place’s name, and Event Book will automatically show it on the map.

Event Book iOS List Event Book iOS Day Event Book iOS Week

Event Book supports plenty of calendar views. The buttons located at the top of the screen allow you to switch between list view, detailed view and book mode. If you have chosen the Day Book option, you’ll see an additional timeline view that shows you all your engagements for the present day in a graphical form. In list view, you’ll see event details and the number of people who have responded to them. For weekly and monthly calendars, there is a beautiful book view that presents you with your upcoming events in the form of a book. Each week is represented by a page, and you can flip through these pages by tapping the extreme right corner of the screen.

Using the ‘Defaults’ and ‘Calendars’ options from the Event Book menu, you can choose the services you want to associate with the app, and change some of the settings. The app offers a lot of interesting features, but won’t make you miss anything that is already available in the stock Calendar app. If you are on iOS 6, you can grab this iPhone-optimized app for free by heading to the following link.

Download Event Book For iOS

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