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Exchange Breaking Bad Inspired Greetings With Aaron Paul’s New App

You might recall an app called Yo that came out a while back and not only was it seriously popular, it raised a considerable amount of money in funding. It also left a lot of people wondering what had just happened. For a texting or messaging app to stand out these days, it needs to do a lot. The messaging space is very saturated and anyone wanting to break into the market will need a significant advantage. Meet YB, it’s a messaging app with the seal of approval from Aaron Paul, your favorite meth cook (please, don’t ever do drugs. It’s not worth it.). It doesn’t replace your stock messaging app; instead your friends sign up to the service, add you and others, and send and receive messages that the app provides. The app is free and comes with four different variations of the phrase ‘Yo Bit*h’. You can upgrade to get more greetings.

YB, as a free app comes with limited messages to send so this is more of a fun-yet-costly activity that’s playing on your devotion to Breaking Bad. Sign up to use the app; you will pick a username, a password, and you will have to enter your phone number. The app promises that the number is not stored and you ought to trust it because it’s Jesse Pinkman promising you something. Once you’ve signed up, tap the plus button at the top right of the screen to add a contact. Contacts are not added from your Contacts app. In YB, contacts are other users of the app who you’ve added as friends. Invite a friend or add one if you know their username.

YB_signup YB_contacts

Swipe right on a contact name after adding them and tap the default Yo, B*TCH message to scroll through the other variants, select one you like, and tap ‘Send’. You can upgrade or buy more greetings by opening the navigation drawer and tapping Greetings Pack. The packs are divided by message type so you can buy packs for saying hi, or sending everyday messages. I will say that each pack costs $0.99 and it adds up to an expensive way to communicate with your friends. Aaron Paul and more importantly the developers behind the app, and the marketing team should realize that most users aren’t meth cooks earning a lot of money (please don’t ever do drugs, ever).

YB_messages YB_options

The app is pretty nice for anyone who loves Breaking Bad, the design is well executed, and I’m not even mad that I have to sign up to use it. The greetings packs and their prices are the real problem here, one that need fixing fast.

Install YB From The App Store 


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