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ExpandIt For iPhone Lets You Check If A Shortened URL Is Safe To Open

As more and more people turn to their smartphones and tablets for browsing the web, some things just have to change. When Twitter first started, the concept of URL shortening suddenly came into the mainstream. Back in those days, most of the users of Twitter accessed the website from their computers, but now iPhone and Android devices claim a considerable slice of that traffic. As browsing trends evolve, so should security measures that go with them. In the past, we have covered services like URL Uncover, which tests the trustworthiness of a shortened URL without forcing users to actually open it. ExpandIt does the same, but rather than being a web service, you get this as an iPhone app. There aren’t too many features on offer in ExpandIt, but it does get the job done and is really convenient for everyday use.


Apart from checking a link’s integrity and safety, ExpandIt can also be used if you want to decode a shortened URL before sharing it with someone else. The app is smart enough to automatically pick up on copied URLs from your device’s clipboard. If you have copied a link from anywhere on your iPhone, the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ fields in ExpandIt become populated as soon as you launch the app. If, for some reason, the link doesn’t appear in the app, you can always manually paste it in the ‘Before’ field, and then hit the ‘Expand URL’ button from the bottom of the screen.

ExpandIt does its best to come up with an accurate safety report, but at the end of the day, there can’t be any guarantee that what the app says is going to be 100% correct.

Once you have checked a link for possible malicious destinations, it is possible to view it in the default iOS web browser by hitting the ‘Open in Safari’ button.

As you would expect from such a simple service, ExpandIt is available as a free download. The app does come with an ads bar at the bottom of the screen, but it doesn’t really interfere with any of the regular operations.

We are sure there are some users who prefer using web services directly for such tasks, having an app like ExpandIt ensures that you always have this useful functionality at your beck and call, especially given its useful automatic clipboard sniffing capability. Give this iPhone-optimized app a go by heading to the link given below.

Install ExpandIt from App Store

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