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Extract HD Photos From A Video On Your iPhone

When you record a video with the default camera app on the iPhone you can snap photos while you record. There’s a button next to the record/stop button that lets you do that. The photos  can only be taken while you record. Once you’r done recording, there is no built-in feature that allows you to extract photos from a video. To do so, you would likely need a third-party app, possibly one that you will have to use from the desktop. Taplet is a free iOS app that tackles this; it lets you record videos and take HD photos while recording (more or less the same as the default camera app) but it also lets you save any part of a video, with frame-by-frame support, as a photo. There is one downside though; the app seems to add a watermark to the photos after the first few you save. It can be removed with a $1.99 in-app purchase or by inviting three friends to download the app.

Open the app and record a video, or import one from the camera roll. In either case, the photos will be extracted after the video has been recorded. Play the video and tap the screen whenever you want to save a moment as a photo. You can drag your finger over the frames at the top to fast forward or rewind and select a frame to capture a photo from. You can take several photos from a single video.

Taplet Taplet_photos

Once you’ve captured your first photo, a Photos button appears at the top right. Continue taking the photos you need then tap this button. You will be able to see all photos you took from the video on the next screen. Tap a photo and enhance it (if you like) or just save it to your camera roll. In the screenshot below you can see the watermark and where it’s positioned.

Taplet_photo_edit Taplet_watermark

Taplet claims to do other things as well including making it easier to take a selfie but it is very ordinary in that area. The enhance effect is nothing great either. It really only does one thing well and that is extracting photos but it comes with the watermark. Basically the app is asking you to upgrade or share it with your friends if you want to use it for its one good feature.

Install Taplet From The App Store

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