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Facebook Pages Manager For iPhone Lets You View Page Insights, Post & Moderate On The Go

If you own or manage multiple (or even one) Facebook pages, then you should know that the mobile version and the official iOS app for the social network simply aren’t enough to get everything done on the go. You can view notifications related to your Facebook pages and post content, but the procedure is not streamlined at all. Apparently, Facebook agrees with this too, and that is why Facebook Pages Manager has been released. The official Facebook app lets you manage all your Facebook pages in one place, from the convenience of your mobile device. Not only that, Facebook Pages Manager will show you the statistics for each page, and insights for individual posts on that page! So, if you own an iDevice and moderate a few Facebook pages, read on to know all about this super useful app.

Facebook Pages Manager Home Facebook Pages Manager Filters

Before you start using Facebook Pages Manager, keep in mind that the app cannot act as a replacement app for the official Facebook client, and although it displays notifications, they are only related to your pages, and have no connection with your personal account. Similarly, the icon next to notifications displays the names of people who have liked your page recently, as opposed to the traditional friend requests. So, once you have logged in to your Facebook account using the app, a list of all the pages you control will show up in the sidebar. Tapping the name of any item takes you to its main page. It is also possible to view the names and profiles of other people who moderate the page, and you can do that by going to the Admins menu. While viewing any page using Facebook Pages Manager, you can filter content to view all posts on the page, posts from the moderators only, or make hidden posts visible to you.

Facebook Pages Manager Insights Facebook Pages Manager Post Insights

The best thing about Facebook Pages Manager is its Insights functionality. To view the whole page’s statistics, hit the page’s name or go to the Insights menu from the main options. The Insights menu shows the Total Likes, People Talking About This and Weekly Reach of the page, while the Trends section shows a detailed graph of your page’s activity. The insights for individual posts let the page moderators see the activity on them, and you can also track the shares and likes a post has received.

Facebook Pages Manager is a free app, and optimized for iPhone only. You can grab it by heading to the App Store link below. It may also be mentioned that while the app has been available for New Zealand for about a week, it has just made its way into the US iTunes App Store.

Download Facebook Pages Manager For iOS

Update: If you are just a casual page admin on Facebook, you probably didn’t mind the omission of post scheduling and promotion features in the app, but this was a big problem for admins managing big pages with lots of followers. Now, the Facebook Pages Manager app for iOS has been updated to add support for post promotion and scheduling, making it the perfect place from where you can handle everything about your Facebook pages.

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