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Facebook’s Stickered App Lets You Add Stickers To Photos Live

Facebook has released a new app called Stickered for Messenger. Surprise. Surprise. The app is meant to work as a partner app for Facebook’s Messenger; it allows you to add stickers to photos. The Messenger app itself will let you draw on a photo, and it will allow you to send a sticker as a message but Stickered will let you add as many stickers as you want live to your camera. The stickers feature all those available on Facebook and in the Messenger app. You can add multiple stickers, and postiion and resize them. Once a photo has been snapped, it can be shared directly to the Messenger app.

Launch the app and it opens directly to the camera with a Meep emoticon that you won’t find in the Messenger app or on Facebook itself. A much smaller version of the sticker appears at the top left to indicate which one is active. Tap the plus button at the top right to open the stickers’ library. You can add as many stickers as you want by just tapping one in the sticker library.

Stickered_photo Stickered_

To delete a sticker, tap it on the camera view finder and then tap the delete button at the top left. Once you snap the picture, the capture button changes to look like the Messenger app icon. Tap it to immediately send the photo to the Messenger app where you can select the recipient and enter a message. Alternatively, if you tap the download button at the right of the capture/send to Messenger button, you can save the photo to your camera roll.

You can add stickers to the photo after you’ve taken it. Tap the plus button at the top right to open the stickers library, select one, and tap to add it. You can resize both the stickers you add after taking the photo, as well as the one you added before taking the photo. The stickers are pretty cute and I can see how this app will be fun to use.

Install Stickers For Messenger From The App Store

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