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Fav Adds An App Of Your Choice In iOS 7 Where Spotlight Used To Be

If you miss the old Spotlight search area from iOS 6, you are certainly in the minority, as iOS 7 offers a much more elegant way of sifting through apps, data, and content on the web. Having said that, there can be no denying the fact that old habits die hard and owing to that, many users frequently find themselves swiping to the right from the edge of their iPhone’s home screen, even though there isn’t anything there now. Fav is a new Cydia tweak that puts this phenomenon to good use by letting users assign the defunct Spotlight gesture to launch their favorite app. The tweak isn’t too complicated, as all it does is allow users to choose any app installed on their iDevice, and launch it any time they want by swiping from left to right when on the first page of the SpringBoard.

Fav iOS Settings Fav iOS SpringBoard

Fav doesn’t get enabled automatically once you install it. Head to the stock Settings app, where Fav has a really simple menu of its own. The first button in the menu lets you toggle the tweak. For now, it is only possible to configure Fav to launch one app, which makes it different from Swipey (in addition to the fact that Swipey works on the lock screen only). With Fav, you can choose a stock or a third-party app as your favorite. The choice can be made by heading to the ‘Fav Application’ section of the tweak’s menu.

To make Fav work once an app has been chosen from its menu, exit the Settings app and head to the first page of the Home screen. Swipe to the right from the edge of this screen, and you will see a narrow red strip with a heart in its middle. Keep dragging until it turns green and then let go. Your chosen app should now be launched right away. The whole process is very smooth, and does not add any lag to the device in any way. Owing to the unobtrusive nature of Fav, accidental launches aren’t going to be a realistic problem.

Fav has the potential to be really useful if you use it right, but it can’t hurt the tweak’s popularity if its developer takes a hint from Swipey and adds the option to let users keep swiping in order to access shortcuts of multiple apps. To give the tweak a shot, head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and download Fav for free.

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