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Find The Right Lounge At An Airport With LoungeBuddy For iPhone

Travelling is not a simple task, specially if you happen to be a bit nervous about flying. Short flights aren’t too bad, but if you mean to transit one or more times during your journey, managing different aspects of the excursion can get a bit hectic. Like many other things pertaining to life in the modern world, your iPhone can help you with air travel and the planning related to it. Apps like Kayak Pro, FlightBoard, and App in the Air go a long way towards calming the worries of many travellers going on long trips. If you are a frequent flyer though, there are some luxuries that are bound to become necessities. Airport lounges might not be too important if you are on a short flight, but if you just got off the plane after 12 hours, the food, shower, beverages and comfortable couches on offer can be real lifesavers. Most busy terminals have an abundance of these lounges though, which is why LoungeBuddy can prove to be a really useful app to have before you embark on an airplane. The app lets you make the best choices regarding clubs and lounges at airports, taking both your finances and requirements into consideration.

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Most aspects of LoungeBuddy can be accessed without signing up for an account, but registration is necessary if you want to contribute to the airport data that is already available in the app. To create a new account, go through the instructions displayed by the app after its initial launch, and then head to the settings menu where you can enter your email address. Once your identity has been verified, you are good to go.

LoungeBuddy doesn’t just list all the lounges present at terminals; several factors are taken into account to help you choose the one that suits you best. To make the results accurate, users can mention any special privileges they might have thanks to their credit cards, airline memberships, or other means. If you are a member of the military, mentioning that in the LoungeBuddy settings can improve things further.

To get started, tap any area of the app’s main screen and choose your source or destination airport. For more details, it is advisable to specify the class you are traveling in. To make any changes once an airport has been added to the main list, swipe across it to the right. View a list of available lounges by simply tapping the airport’s name.

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It is possible to get the most out of LoungeBuddy by filtering the listed lounges based on their availability and facilities. Some of them might be available to passengers of a particular airline, while others might cost too much without offering anything special. The app takes all that into account before displaying its availability list. To make things even easier, you can choose to apply filters manually. It is possible to view options that only have certain amenities, like free food, Wi-Fi, kids area, etc. Users are also encouraged to snap photos of these lounges, so that future travellers get even more assistance when choosing one.

LoungeBuddy is a free app and for now, it works only with the most popular airports around the globe. We are hoping that the developer will continue adding more data in the future, but until then, you have to be content with the destinations that are listed. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.

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