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How To Fix Tap To Retry Error On Snapchat Lens

Snapchat lens are a popular feature of the social app. They’ve been copied, cloned, and replicated by other social apps but nothing quite lives up to what Snapchat has to offer. It constantly capitalizes on this feature and it is one of the most used ones in the app. It isn’t without its problems though. Sometimes when you tap to load lenses, not all of them load. This might have to do with your internet connection. If you wait a while, all lenses should load and you should be able to apply any one of them. Unfortunately though, some lenses still fail to load even though others have. The lens may begin to load but show you the Tap To Retry error. Here’s what to do if it won’t go away.

Note: Tap to retry is also an error message that Snapchat users see when a text based message fails to send over chat. This post does not deal with that error. This fix is for when a Snapchat lens fails to load.

Tap To Retry Error

To get the obvious out of the way, you should tap the lens and attempt to reload it. Try this at least three times. If all three times fail to load the lens, you need to try something else.

When you next try to load the lens, and it fails to load, don’t tap to retry. Instead, tap the close button to close all lenses. Then tap your screen again to load them fresh. You might have to repeat this a few times but it ought to load if tap to retry, as suggested by Snapchat, doesn’t work.

This ought to work if you have one or two particular lenses that refuse to load. If all your lenses fail to load, you might have a problem with your internet connection. If it’s too slow, the lenses may not load properly. Likewise, if the connection isn’t stable, there may be a problem.

If you’re using a modified Snapchat app, there’s nothing that can be said for what the cause might be. If everything else fails, you should check if Snapchat is experiencing problems itself. If there’s a partial outage, it may affect some or all of the lenses. If you’re trying to access a geographically limited lens by spoofing your location, try using a different VPN for Snapchat. Your VPN service may not be spoofing your location correctly hence the error.

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