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Flickr App Updated With Instagram Like Filters And Video Capture

Eleven months ago Flickr issued the most significant update ever when it announced a brand new web version and one terabyte worth of storage for every single user. For those who use the photo sharing service on mobile, we have some really great news for you; Flickr for iOS and Android has been updated and it looks more functional and fun than ever. Besides the obvious visual updates which have made the new app look cleaner and slicker, Flickr has introduced some fancy features in this update, the most important of which is Instagram-like editing and filtering options for photos and videos. Apart from capturing photos, the new Flickr allows you to record up to 30 seconds of HD video with live filters on top, and there are new filters and enhancement tools for images as well.

Flickr_Android_Main Flickr_Android_Search

The new app boasts a much improved UI overall; it looks flatter, cleaner and simpler, and gives you access to all the app’s features in a snap. Yahoo has finally created an app that’s much more made-for-mobile rather than a watered-down web version, something which made previous versions counter-intuitive. Keeping that in mind, the navigation has also been drastically improved with various sub tabs for each of the app’s different sections. You can navigate between these tabs either by tapping on one, or by swiping left or right.

The home screen carries a scrollable image feed with photos from people you are following and/or otherfeatured stuff. You can tap on your desired photo, and the app will enable you to see all its metadata, such as the type of camera that took the shot, where it was taken, when it was taken, as well as the comments made on it. You can also easily post your own comments if you wish, or add the image to your favorites for later viewing.

Flickr_Android_Comment Flickr_Android_Meta Flickr_Android_Camera

But perhaps, best of all is the new HD video recording feature that lets you record 30 seconds worth of footage and share it on Flickr and other social networks the same way you share your photos.

Speaking of photos, Flickr also carries a bunch of image effects and editing options. After taking a picture, for instance, you can auto enhance it, crop it, adjust exposure, contrast, white balance and other nitty gritty details according to your liking. Filters and editing tools can be easily accessed by tapping tiny buttons on each side of the screen. And after taping next, you can insert desired caption and upload image to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or send it via email.

Flickr_Android_Tools Flickr_Android_Effects

Flicker’s profile screen contains your photo stream, your albums, and the groups you may have joined. You can also view notifications for photos you liked and commented on, and for new followers. Coming to the app’s settings, it now includes the option to automatically sync all your photos to Flickr similar to most cloud storage services. The sync feature was already available on iOS, but now it’s been made added for Android as well.

Flickr_Android_Profile Flickr_Android_Share Flickr_Android_Settings

You can download both the Android and iOS versions of Flickr via links provided below.

Install Flickr for Android

Install Flickr for iOS

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