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Create Short Videos From Instagram & Local Photos With Flipagram For Android & iOS

It’s hard to deny Instagram’s popularity among professional and casual photographers alike, and the Facebook-owned company has been improving the service with new features ever since it was acquired in a billion dollar deal. In the last major update, we saw the introduction of support for recording and posting 15-second looping videos to compete against Twitter’s Vine app. But what if you want to make videos out of your existing images? Flipagram is a third-party app available for both iOS and Android that lets you do that. Developed by by Cheerful, Inc., Flipagram aims to turn your Instagram photos into photographic stories, complete with background music. You can create these slideshows either from your Instagram photos, or images that are saved on your device’s storage.

The Android version that I took for a spin supports a snappy UI that looks clean and simple, and is dead-easy to use. The ability to create slideshows from photos already stored on your device is another plus, especially if you’re not an active Instagram user and still want to get a taste of what Flipagram offers. Here’s how it works:

When you launch the app, tap the Start button and then add your ‘Moment’ by choosing the source of your images (Gallery or Instagram). For Instagram, you will need to log into your account first. Once you have done that, Flipagram will be fetch all of your photos from Instagram.

After selecting your preferred image source, you’re taken to an image selection screen. Simply select items that you want to import into your video, and tap the tick button at top. You can select as many photos as you wish, and Flipagram doesn’t limit you regarding the size or resolution of the images.

Flipagram Flipagram_Choose

Next up, Flipagram will let you adjust a few more settings. The first step is to adjust the frame rate via dragging the slider. The frame rate reflects the actual speed of the video. If images were imported from Instagram, you can set it to auto and the frame rate will be set to fit the output within the 15 seconds limit of Instagram videos. You can also add a music clip to the video by selecting a song or other audio file from your device. In addition, you can add a custom title and choose its font from many available options.

The free version of the app displays a Flipagram watermark at the bottom-right corner of all videos created with the app. The only way to prevent this or to add a custom watermark is via upgrading to the paid version of Flipagram. The app also lets you preview your changes without creating the final output.

Flipagram_Edit Flipagram_Edit2

When you’re done, tap the tick mark to process the final output, which will be saved to your local storage. Flipagram also lets you share the clip on social media and other supported services using the operating system’s standard sharing interface.

Flipagram_Process Flipagram_Share

Overall, it’s an impressive app that has the potential to inject new life into your old photos.

Install Flipagram on iOS

Install Flipagram on Android

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