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Four Noteworthy Additions To The Messages App In iOS 8

iOS 8 brought with it so many changes that Apple felt the need to include a Tips app just to highlight them all. No doubt the company realized just how complex its OS had gotten and the new stuff would be pretty hard to learn all at once. In iOS 8, the Health app has gotten a lot of attention as has the continuity and handoff feature but this latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system brought some great and very welcome changes to the Messages app and here are all four of them.

Quick Type

You will hear this featured commonly referred to as predictive text which is what it’s called on the Android platform. Quick Type is available for all text input fields which includes the Messages app. It works exceptionally well. Not only does it do a great job of predicting what word you’re trying to type but it also guesses what word you might type next based on the previous word that you entered. The feature is pretty good considering it is brand new.

messages1_ios8 messages2_ios8

Self-destructing Messages

Snapchat made self-destructing messages quite popular and the Messages app now has a somewhat similar feature that allows you to automatically delete messages that are older than 30 days, or a year. It’s not meant to be used the same way Snapchat is since the auto-deletion isn’t customizable nor is it immediate but it will help keep your message history brief.

messages_hisotry0_ios8 messages_hisotry_ios8

Audio & Video Messages

The feature was there before but it had you switching to the camera app. You couldn’t actually send the video message from inside the Messages app. The best part is that both audio and video messages have a separate auto-destruct setting which destroys the messages after two minutes (or never). Again the settings are super restrictive in having only those two options. One is quite immediate and the other has you keep them around forever. This calls for a jailbreak tweak.

messages_ios8_audio messages_ios8_video

Mute Conversations

I was really hoping for something like this since text messages can get annoying or just the people sending them can get annoying. Tap the Details button in a conversation thread and enable the Do Not Disturb option to mute the conversation. The Do Not Disturb settings remain untouched. I find this super useful when I keep getting texts from my carrier telling me to get a bigger plan.


Two smaller features worth mentioning are that you can send your current location to a contact as well, and you can mark all messages in a thread as read. The details screen of a contact shows you the photos that have been shared in the conversation and makes for quicker access.

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