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Foxit Mobile PDF For iPhone & iPad Goes Free For A Limited Time

Adobe Reader might be the most popular PDF reader on desktop, but there are a few other players in the market that give it some good competition. Foxit Reader is a name that is sure to be familiar to a lot of people. Not only does the service offer applications for PC and Mac, its iOS client has been around for quite a while, too. Foxit Mobile PDF is the perfect document reader for a vast majority of iPhone and iPad users. It isn’t too complicated, so you won’t get too lost in its functions, but the app still offers everything that makes it a comprehensive PDF reader. You can annotate your docs pretty thoroughly, make changes to them or just keep them stored in the app in a well-organized manner. A lot of people still prefer using Adobe Reader for iOS though, because that app is free, unlike Foxit Mobile PDF. Now, you don’t even have that excuse for not giving the Foxit app a try, as it has gone free for a limited time!

Foxit Mobile PDF Home Foxit Mobile PDF Preview Foxit Mobile PDF Edit

All the PDF files stored on your iDevice will show up in Foxit Mobile PDF’s Documents section. The file list in the app can be thoroughly sorted and organized. Just hit the Edit button on the top right corner of the screen, and you will get a list of new options in the bottom bar. Users can rename, copy, delete or move file in edit mode. It is also possible to share multiple files via email from this mode, while new folders can be created using the first button in the bottom bar. If you have a lot of files stored in Foxit Mobile PDF, you can search through the complete list using the bar provided at the top of the screen. To add any document to your Favorites list, hit the start icon next to it. Recently opened files are listed in the app’s History section.

Foxit Mobile PDF WiFi File Share Foxit Mobile PDF Settings

The file viewer in Foxit Mobile PDF comes with all the options you would expect from such a reputed service. If you use the app for reading large documents, it will remember your last reading position (although you have to enable it from the app’s Settings menu). The overview of each document can be seen in thumbnail mode, single page mode, or you can just choose to view the file as one large and scrollable sheet. Once you have opened a page, the options to edit the file show up. You can add different shared to any part of the page, or there is the option of setting up your signature so that they can be added to the file any time you want. Other editing options include the insertion of colored text and adding freehand drawings on part of the document. The bottom bar in the viewer is there to allow users of the app to search for any particular text snippet, or to adjust the screen brightness.

Foxit Mobile PDF DesktopWhile the file management and editing options offered by Foxit Mobile PDF are pretty good, the app’s best feature is its Wi-Fi file transfer capabilities. You can transfer files to the app using iTunes, but there might be no need of that with the Wi-Fi option available. To import or export files in Foxit Mobile PDF, just hit the Wi-Fi button from the app’s bottom bar and you will be able to share PDFs between all devices on your current network. Just put in the IP address provided by the app in your computer’s browser, and you will get a simple UI for downloading and uploading files.

As already mentioned, Foxit Mobile PDF has gone free for a limited time, and this is an opportunity iPhone and iPad owners just have to avail. The app is a universal one, and can be downloaded from the following link.

Download Foxit Mobile PDF For iOS


  1. Hi
    I have signed the PDF and annotated it then sent it to my email with the arrow and only receive the initial document : annotations or signature don’t follow !!!!

  2. hi,

    how do you export the signed pdf? or annotated pdf? i tried exporting it, but it export the original pdf instead.


    • After signing and making annotations, I exported the file using the arrow button in the document’s top bar and choosing the “Send in mail” option. The version that was exported was the annotated one.

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