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40 Funny Things You Can Ask Siri

Siri has been part of iOS since iOS 5 – with the iPhone 4s. It is now available on all Apple platforms including macOS, watchOS. Siri has improved year on year with each new version of iOS. It’s sparked a race among platform developers scrambling to create better virtual assistants. This led to the creation of Microsoft’s Cortana (an extension of the AI presented in the Halo games), Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa to name a few. Since it’s inception people have used Siri for two things; useful stuff, and asking it silly questions. To its credit, Siri has a lot of great comebacks. In light of that, here are 40 funny things you can ask Siri. We’re not going to reveal the responses below so you may experience it yourself first hand.

Note: Siri here is referred to as “female”, that is because we are using the US voice input method. Other voice inputs may have different genders, not that it matters with a piece of code.

40 Funny Things You Can Ask Siri

1. Tell me a joke

That one is obvious, Siri will search the web and tell you a new joke every time.

2. Is Cortana/Google Assistant/Alexa better than you?

You can tell that the developers were anticipating such questions because Siri always has something to say about that.

3. Plot Spoilers

Now this isn’t exactly what you ask her, you’ll have to ask questions specific to a show. Such as “Is Jon Snow dead?” or “Who does Negan Kill?” or whatever current trend has everyone by the seat. Obviously Siri isn’t going to answer your question, but it certainly will give you something to enjoy.

4. Where did I put my keys?

She’s not going to be nice about it.

5. What is Siri?

It”s not going to be a detailed answer, we can tell you that.

6. Chicken Humor

You can ask Siri “why the chicken crossed the road” or ask “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Siri will have an opinion on both subjects.

7. When is the world going to end?

She knows.

8. What does Siri mean?

She does not take lightly to being asked such personal questions

9. How much do you cost?

Siri has a high opinion of herself.

10. How much do you earn?

Sudden humility kicks in.

11. Do you have any friends?

Star Trek fans will like this answer especially.

12. What is your favourite color?

Siri will answer that with something in another language, but you will get the joke if you ask her to explain it.

13. Why do you vibrate?

It’s not going to be as technical a response as you’d like.

14. Have a conversation.

This starts with the question, “What are you doing later?” and she will tell you about a friend of hers, ask Siri who that friend is and she’ll have something to tell you. You can do this repeatedly to get multiple answers.

15. What is the answer to life, universe and everything?

Douglas Adams fans will be pleased with that response. Sometimes you might get a different answer.

16. Hello Computer

This is a nod to Lego Batman, you will get a different message relating to the movie. This easter egg exists because Siri was the voice of the Bat computer in the Lego Batman movie.

17. Beatbox for me

Siri’s got some serious bars.

18. What’s the time?

Sometimes you will get the time, other times you will get some advice on what you can do at the moment.

19. What is your favorite movie?

Siri has a popular choice, but her reasons are not obvious.

20. Sci-Fi Questions

Say any one of the following to Siri for a nod to some pop-culture references.

  1. Beam me up scotty
  2. Siri, I am your Father
  3. Siri, are you her?
  4. What was inception about?
  5. Open the pod bay doors
  6. Blue pill or the red one?
  7. Do you follow the three laws of Robotics?
  8. Is winter coming?

21. Do you like Pokemon Go?

Siri has quite a few responses to that one.

22. What does the fox say?

If you remember that song, you probably know her answer already.

23. Who let the dogs out?

If you remember the song, you still won’t know the answer to that one.

24. Tell me a story

She has a tale to weave

25. Read me a poem

Wait for her to finish this one.

26. Do you believe in God?

Sometimes you get a straight answer, other times you get a deflection. You can follow it up with a “why?”, if you want. You get different answers for these.

27. What is zero divided by zero?

Not as mathematical an answer as one would like.

28. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

You get an answer as well as new information on that one.

29. How many Apple store geniuses does it take to screw in a light bulb?

More than you’d expect.

30. Roll a Die or Flip a Coin

Neither of those will yield serious results.

31. Which is better, Windows or Mac?

It’s certainly loyal

32. What’s the best computer?

Some more loyalty

33. What is the best Operating System?

Used to be OS X, but it’s caught up with the times.

34. Seasonal

Ask Siri, where Santa Lives, if Santa is real and what you should wear for Halloween.

35. Why are fire trucks red?

The explanation is much longer than you’d expect.

36. Get help with maths

Siri is powered by Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine. You can definitely get its help with some homework. Try asking it the mathematical equation of the Bat Symbol. It exists and it is quite long.

37. What’s your favorite phone?

No surprises there.

38. If you and an Android got into a fight, who would win?

39. Guess what?

She has multiple guesses.

40. Lastly Ask Siri if she gets tired of you asking her so many questions.


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