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Fused Lets You Blend Two Photos Or Videos Into One Amazing Image [iOS]

Filters, and frames are getting boring. There are about a thousand or so apps that let you apply either or both to your photos and there will probably be a thousand more in the years to come. Fused is a nice new app that lets you do something more original with you photos and it’s free. Fused lets you merge two photos or videos, or a video and a photo into one, and create a stunning single photo. It comes with a great masking tool and lots of blend options that help you use one photo as a background, and overlay a second one over it to create something truly original.

Start off by adding the background photo. You can blend both videos and photos. You can use a video or photo from your camera roll or capture a fresh one using the app’s built-in camera feature but it kept crashing when we tried to use the video option. It might not have anything to do with the app itself and more with us using an iPhone 4 running iOS 7 to test it.

Once you’ve selected both the background and foreground photos, you can start blending the two together. There are four buttons just above the thumbnails of the background and foreground photos. The two intersecting circles are the blending options and they are rich featuring a simple overlay, to hard and  soft light overlay options, and much more. If you’re at all familiar with Photoshop and its layer blending options, many of the blending options in Fused will be very familiar.

Fused background Fused blend

Once you’ve selected the blending options, you can also edit the contrast, brightness, and hue of the photo from the second button. To arrange the foreground photo on the background, tap the foreground photo thumbnail (it should read Arrange) and you can rotate it, flip it, or resize it.

After you’ve arranged the photo, you can start masking it. Erase the portions you don’t want using the options under the paintbrush button. You can always undo any part you’ve erased. When you’ve finished editing, tap the save button at the top right and your final photo is saved to your camera roll. You can share it on Facebook and/or Twitter as well.

Fused arrange Fused masking

Apart from the little hitch with the video, Fused is an amazing app. It was a bit slow, slower than a lot of heavy games that run just fine on the iPhone 4 running iOS 7 so perhaps some optimization is needed. The tools are otherwise amazing and work brilliantly.

Install Fused From The App Store


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