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Get A Minimal, Two-Way Unlock Slider On iPhone Lock Screen With FXOSLock

Anyone who is really into UI customization and wants to get the most out of a jailbroken iPhone is likely to appreciate Cydia tweaks like SliderCustomizer and Axis, since they focus on very particular parts of iOS. This is why such tweaks have fared pretty well in the Cydia store. FXOSLock is the latest alternative to the stock unlock slider you get in iOS. The tweak doesn’t just make minor changes to the slider; it revamps the way it works, and gives it a completely new look. The minimalists among us are also sure to appreciate FXOSLock, since the slider it offers doesn’t occupy the entire bottom half of your device’s lock screen. Despite that, no existing feature is taken away by FXOSLock, and you can use the tweak’s unlocking slider to unlock your device or launch the camera straight away.

FXOSLock iOS Camera FXOSLock iOS FXOSLock iOS Unlock

FXOSLock is not a customizable tweak in any way, so it does not add a menu to the Settings app, or an icon to the SpringBoard when you install it to your device. The lock screen is replaced automatically upon the tweak’s installation, and the entire blacked out bottom bar on the lock screen, camera grabber, slider label and the slider itself are removed by FXOSLock. Despite the fact that you don’t see the camera grabber, the tweak keeps it possible for users to launch the camera from their lock screen. Simply move the white knob to the left, and a camera icon becomes visible. Dragging the knob all the way to this icon opens the Camera app. The icon opposite it unlocks the device.

FXOSLock is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store for a price of $0.99. If you gauge this price tag in terms of features you are getting, it might seem a bit unfair, but we must assume that the developer is charging users for the great UI offered by FXOSLock. So, if you think your lock screen is really in need of a makeover, or your wallpapers deserve more real estate on the lock screen, FXOSLock is the perfect tweak to have on your iDevice. It takes a bit of time to get used to the new position of the unlock knob, specially because there is no slider bar at the bottom of the screen. It’ll be nice to see the developer adding some customization option to FXOSLock, although things aren’t really bad even in the tweak’s present state. FXOSLock completely supports passcode lock and works with devices running iOS 5 or above.

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  1. I believe this lock screen is inspired by the Firefox OS style lock, hence the name “FX”OSLock

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