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How To Get The Game Of Thrones Snap Filter In Snapchat

Game Of Thrones season 7 is just days away from its premier. HBO never really dials down on the promotion part of the show. You get regular updates and teasers all year round, even when the show is off-air. That said, promotion kicks into overdrive around the premier date. Part of this year’s promotion is a new Game of Thrones snap filter for Snapchat. The filter isn’t automatically added to your filter drawer. You have to add it manually by scanning a specific snap code.

Add Game Of Throne Snap Filter

Open Snapchat on your phone and then visit this link on your desktop. Point your phone towards the your screen and take a photo of the Snapcode you see on the page. Give it a second and a prompt will appear asking if you want to unlock the filter. The filter is only available for one hour. It will disappear after that, however, you can scan the Snapcode again to unlock it.

Use Game Of Throne Snap Filter

The Game of Thrones snap filter is added to your  snap drawer as the most recent one. To use it, open Snapchat and tap your screen. The filters will load. Select the Game of Thrones snap filter by moving it into the capture button. The filter features snow and a whitewalker added in AR. Look around through the app to locate the whitewalker. The filter also includes a sword that you can stab with if you tap your screen. If you record a video instead of taking a photo, it will include the sound of a blizzard.

Limited Time

This filter will eventually become unavailable. Snapchat often retires filters that aren’t popular and this one is time limited from the very start. Perhaps HBO will release a new, different filter next year for the next season premier. You can expect to use this filter for one month at the most. It’s unlikely to be available for the whole season.

This isn’t the first time a TV show has added a filter to Snapchat. AMC did the same last year for The Walking Dead except, their filter was region locked. The Game of Thrones snap filter is, thankfully, not region restricted as far as we can tell. If for any reason the filter doesn’t unlock for you, try using a VPN on  your phone. Set your location to the USA and then try and scan it. The scan can take a few seconds to actually register in the app.

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