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Get A Gesture-Based, Predictive Keyboard On Your iPad With Path Input

There was a time when the famous Swype keyboard was available for iOS users with jailbroken devices, but it went the way of the dodo pretty quickly. The only possible option to use a gesture-based keyboard on an iPhone these days is to compose text in a third-party app and then copy it from there. TouchPal Keyboard does a pretty good job on that front, but it is not optimized for the iPad, and makes it tough to type on the tablet’s bigger screen. Path Input is another app that has been around for iPhone and iPod touch devices for quite a while, but has lacked iPad support. Not anymore! Path Input has just been released for the iPad, and its Swype-like typing and intelligent predictions are as good as they have always been.

Path Input iPad Languages Path Input iPad Settings

Before you begin typing on Path Input, it is better to configure the app just the way you want. To select the language of the keyboard, hit the globe icon in the bottom-left corner. Path Input supports more than ten languages, which is something not many of its competitors can boast. From the app’s settings, you can select the default font and app theme. It is also possible to teach the app new words by adding them manually in the ‘Used Words’ list.

Path Input iPad

When everything has been set up, swipe across the keyboard to begin typing. You can use the keys to type the normal way as well of course, but that just defeats the whole purpose of Path Input. The app is quite smart, and registers words even if you leave them unfinished. There is a bar above the keyboard, where all the words that your swipes potentially spell out are listed. If Path Input makes a wrong guess, you can replace the added word simply by tapping the correct choice from the suggestions bar.

The shift key in the Path Input keyboard is pretty useful, and can capitalize words even after they have been typed. Another great thing about the app is its ability to let you switch between the stock keyboard and the gesture-based one (use the button in the top-right).

It is possible to export the text by long-pressing the screen and then using the action menu, but Path Input offers a more intuitive way for this task as well. Dismiss the keyboard, and use the keys available in the bottom bar. There are options for exporting the text straight to a text message, email or to the clipboard of your iPad.

Path Input is a free app, and works only with iOS 6. In our experience, the accuracy turned out to be pretty good, and the interface was great too. Do give it a shot by downloading it from the link below.

Download Path Input For iPad

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