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Get Highly Customizable Grabber-Like App Shortcuts On iOS Lock Screen With Axis

Lock screen launchers for iOS are pretty popular among the Cydia community these days, but with tweaks like Atom, there is always the possibility of inadvertently launching apps due to lack of proper preventive measures. To avoid this, a lot of people prefer Grabby – the popular tweak that adds four camera grabber-like app shortcuts to the lock screen. While Grabby is great, there are a few areas where it might have been a little better, or at least that is what trying out Axis has made us realize. Axis is pretty similar to Grabby, but offers a ton of customization options that aren’t there in any of its competitors. To make the shortcuts look good, there are plenty of icon choices available for each shortcut. You can pin any app that is installed on your iDevice, and most of the popular ones have custom icons of their own to help users spot them at one quick glance. Axis also lets you pin one app more than Grabby to the lock screen, which offers four slots.

Axis iOS Settings Axis iOS Apps Axis iOS LockScreen

The configuration menu for Axis is located in the Settings app, and the real options are in the ‘My Axis’ section. To assign a particular app to a slot of your choice, choose the icon at the top of the screen, and then find the app you want to associate with it. Axis displays a list of many popular iOS apps, including ones you don’t have installed on your iPhone. This can be a bit confusing, but might help users in discovering the tweak’s extent of support for custom icons. The app list is divided into different parts, each representing a particular genre. Some of the entries in the list are further divided into sub-categories to help users get to the desired app more efficiently. If you can’t find an installed app in the main list, simply choose the ‘Add Custom App’ option from a subcategory, which opens a list of only those apps that are installed on your device.

Once Axis has been configured, there is no need to respring; you can begin using the tweak right away. Just lock the device, and swipe across the unlocking slider from right to left. This reveals the five app shortcuts you chose to place on the bottom bar. To launch an app, swipe your way to it and then slide it upwards.

Axis fetches for $0.99 (which is a dollar less than Grabby), and plays nice with the stock passcode lock. So, if you are on iOS 6, give the tweak a shot by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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