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“iOS 6 Photo Menu” Revamps Sharing Options In iOS 5 Stock Photos App, Adds Facebook & Google+

It has been a week since Apple announced iOS 6, and by now, everyone who is even remotely interested in iPhone (or any other iDevice, for that matter) knows a thing or two about iOS’s sixth major update. The knowledge of Siri enhancements, Facebook integration and all the other sweet features expected to be released with iOS 6 has only served to whet the appetite of all Apple fans. So, if you are one of those people who just can’t wait till fall to get their hands on iOS 6, there’s at least one feature you can try on your jailbroken iPhone right now! The new Cydia tweak named iOS 6 Photo Menu will replace the boring old photo sharing menu in iOS 5 with the new and glossy one from iOS 6. The sharing menu in the stock Photos app has been enhanced in iOS 6 both cosmetically and in terms of functionality. The tweak adds a few changes of its own to this menu (like the omission of the Photo Stream button and the addition of Google+ sharing option), but basically, it emulates iOS 6’s menu pretty thoroughly.

iOS 6 Photo Menu Cydia iOS 6 Photo Menu On iOS 5 iOS 6 Photo Menu Facebook

You can get the iOS 6 Photo Menu tweak from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, where it is available as a free download. Once installed, the tweak won’t force you to configure any settings or set anything up manually. iOS 6 Photo Menu does not have a menu of its own in the stock Settings app, or an icon on the Springboard of your jailbroken iPad or iPhone. As soon as you install the tweak, it will automatically trash the old sharing menu and replace it with the new one. To check out the menu’s awesomeness, just launch the stock Photos app and open any photo. When you go to its sharing menu, you will see the complete change in the layout and nature of available options.

There are 9 options in the grid added by iOS 6 Photo Menu, which include the following.

  1. Mail: Opens the current photo in the stock Mail app as a new draft.
  2. Message: Lets you send the photo in an iMessage or as a message attachment.
  3. Assign to Contact: Takes you straight to the stock Contacts app in order to let you associate any contact with the current image.
  4. Twitter: Twitter sharing.
  5. Facebook: Not as good as the Twitter button, as it requires a few extra steps (takes you to Safari for permissions and account access). The real Facebook button in iOS 6 will be much better, so don’t judge Apple’s Facebook integration by this.
  6. Google+: There will be no Google+ sharing button in the real thing, and this is an innovation exclusive to the tweak.
  7. Print: Brings the user to the AirPrint menu.
  8. Copy: Copies image to clipboard.
  9. Use as Wallpaper

In our experience, the tweak is a bit buggy for now, and some of the buttons just refuse to work at all. Having said that, not many people have complained of this issue, and even if you don’t like the tweak after giving it a try, you won’t lose any money, as iOS 6 Photo Menu is a free tweak. Do give the tweak a try if you are curious about iOS 6, or just like Google+.

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