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Get The iOS 6 Notification Center Twitter Widget In iOS 5

There can be no getting around the fact that iOS 6 has borrowed a lot of its good stuff from a slew of Cydia tweaks. You might remember InstaTwitter, a tweak we covered a few days back. By a lucky chance, we combined the widget with InstaFacebook in our review, and a few days later, Apple did exactly the same thing when they announced the official social widget for iOS 6. The iOS 6 Notification Center widget will let users tweet and update their Facebook status right from the NC. However, there are still a few months separating iOS 6 from iPhone users, and if you can’t wait to get your hands on all the great features on offer in the update, there are plenty of Cydia tweaks that will let you recreate those functionalities even in iOS 5. So, if you own a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch, you can have a taste of Apple’s official social widget right now (at least, to some extent). iOS 6 Twitter Widget for Notification Center is a new addition to the Cydia store that does not have the Facebook button, but imitates the Twitter part of the iOS 6 widget pretty accurately.

iOS Twitter Widget NC Twitter

Just like the original iOS 6 widget, the jailbreak alternative for it does not come with any bells and whistles. If anything, it is even simpler than the real thing. As iOS 5 does not integrate Facebook, the developer has not bothered adding a Facebook button to the widget at all. This means that instead of occupying just half the space in the widget, the Tap to Tweet area constitutes the entire width of the widget. So, how exactly do you use iOS 6 Twitter Widget for Notification Center? Well, it is as simple as you can possibly imagine. Just tap anywhere in the widget, and a new compose tweet window will show up. This text box is the same one that presents itself everywhere else in iOS 5. Enter your tweet, and hit the Send button. Of course, images can’t be attached to tweets using this widget, but the Add Location button is there, next to the word count.

iOS 6 Twitter Widget for Notification Center is available in the BigBoss repo, and jailbreak users can download it for free. If you don’t see any change in the NC of your device even after installing the widget, don’t panic. The widget has to be manually enabled, like most widgets from the Cydia store. To do so, go to the Notifications menu in the stock Settings app and toggle on Twitter Widget. To be honest, this tweak does not have InstaTwitter’s multilingual support or dictation options, but it does provide you with an interface that is identical to the iOS 6 widget, and many people might want to give it a try just for that reason.

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