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Get iOS 7 Icons, Lock Screen & Notification Center On iOS 6 Right Now

Just yesterday, we were pretty impressed by a Winterboard theme that brings the iOS 7 design to the iOS 6 lock screen. The Cydia community, however, doesn’t believe in going slow and has the ability to move at a lightening quick pace when it really wants to. There is now a theme available in the jailbreak store that bests iOS 7 Lockscreen Theme by quite a margin. Not only does this new theme make changes to the lock screen (that too with a visible camera grabber), but it also revamps the SpringBoard and Notification Center, giving everything the flat look that has already become associated with iOS 7. The theme, simply named iOS 7 Theme, is thorough enough to deal with even minor UI elements like the signal bar and the newly introduced charging icon. The icon badges are flattened by the theme to some extent, as are the icons belonging to third-party apps.

iOS 7 Theme Lockscreen iOS 7 Theme SpringBoard iOS 7 Theme NC

Although there are a couple of other Winterboard themes available in the Cydia store by the name of iOS 7 Theme, you want to go for the one that is available in the ModMyi repo and has been developed by pw5a29. Once downloaded, the theme adds three options of its own to the Winterboard ‘Select Themes’ menu. For best results, you should enable all three of the new options. These entries include iOS 7 StatusBar, iOS 7 Lockscreen and iOS 7 SpringBoard.

iOS-7-Winterboard-theme-Cyda Full-iOS-7-theme-iOS-6

iOS 7 Theme makes the status bar transparent, and turns the signal bars into dots. The charging icon is modified as well, and a lightening symbol shows up next to the battery whenever your device is on charging.

The lock screen created by the iOS 7 Theme resembles the real thing pretty closely. You have to choose the iOS 7 wallpaper for your device manually, as two new photos are added to the camera roll by the theme. The minimalistic camera grabber is also visible on the lock screen, but you have to swipe across the bottom of the screen to unlock the device, which is unlike iOS 7 that allows users to swipe anywhere on the screen to unlock. iOS 7 Theme is so realistic that even the notifications that arrive are transparent, and look just the way they appear in the next update’s beta version.

On the SpringBoard, iOS 7 Theme alters both the status bar and the app icons. The icons belonging to stock apps are completely flattened, while third-party ones look slightly different as well due to shadow removal. Even something as minor as icon badges hasn’t been ignored, and they get a flat look as well.

It is a nice touch to see that iOS 7 Theme turns the Notification Center transparent, which goes really well with the colorless notifications on the lock screen.

The theme is so realistic that it can easily get you believing that tapping the Photos icon will launch the redesigned app on your iPhone. Even better is the fact that you don’t have to pay anything to get your hands on iOS 7 Theme. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go on your iOS 6 device for free by heading to the ModMyi repo of Cydia store.

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