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Get Live EPL Scores, Updates, News & Stats On iPhone & Android With This App

There are plenty of generic apps that deal with multiple sports to help users follow all their interests in one place with ease. In the past, we have covered 365Scores (my personal favorite) and Sports Republic, but there are also a considerable number of apps that focus just on a single sport (examples are Football Fans and Live Score Tennis), or even an individual event, like the Wimbledon app. EPL Live 2013/14 is another event-specific app, but it is aimed at the most popular football (or soccer, if you are in the U.S.) league in the world. The league has been on its annual break since May, but sports geeks can finally have their football weekends back, starting August 17th. EPL Live for Android and iOS is the perfect companion to start the new English season with. The app has everything from live scores to news stories and exclusive content related to your favorite teams.

EPL Live iOS News EPL Live iOS Story

The ‘News’ section of EPL Live displays stories related to the premier league, but you specify your favorite team to filter things out a little. Mixed with news articles, there are also tweets from players from your chosen teams, which is a good feature in most cases, but can get a bit annoying if you are not really into Twitter.

EPL Live iOS Match Day EPL Live iOS Fixture EPL Live iOS History

Once a favorite team has been picked from the news section, the rest of the app is configured accordingly as well. The points table and fixture list reflects your choice of team by displaying highlighted entries for your team and its players.

Although EPL Live mainly deals with the premier league, there are also sections dedicated to the Europa League, CL, FA Cup, and Capital One Cup.

For each fixture, there is a preview summary, a tab where the history between the two teams can be tracked, and a dedicated section for the expected lineups. At the bottom of the screen, there is a countdown for excited fans as well. From this weekend, you will also be able to see live updates during games, complete with match stats and goal details.

EPL Live iOS Ladder EPL Live iOS Stats EPL Live iOS Player

EPL Live is a great app to have if you are the kind of person who is really into stats. From the ‘Ladder’ section, you can view league positions and upcoming fixture lists of all clubs. Stats can be viewed by comparing teams or players, while just going through leaderboards is a good way to judge a side’s performance, too.

EPL Live supports push notifications, which means you’ll be alerted as soon as the ball goes into the net, or your team beats their bitterest rivals at the end of 90 minutes. The app is available as a free download, though there are a few ads here and there.

Install EPL Live 2013/14 for iOS

Install Premier League Live 2013/2014 for Android

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