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Get More Animated (Dynamic) Wallpapers In iOS 7 With iDynamic

You can rave all you want about the Control Center or the new flat UI, but dynamic wallpapers will always hold their own in any discussion of iOS 7 features. Even prior to the release of iOS 7, the Cydia store allowed users to enjoy live wallpapers on their iPhone, thanks to apps like LiveWallpaper and Go Desk. Although these animated screen backgrounds are no longer limited to just the Cydia store, there isn’t too much to choose from when it comes to the default iOS 7 dynamic wallpaper collection. As you would expect, a lot of people started looking for ways to augment the firmware’s somewhat meager dynamic wallpaper collection immediately after updating to iOS 7. If you are among those users, your search is finally over. iDynamic is a Cydia app that offers a comprehensive repository of dynamic wallpapers. You can choose any animated set you want, and replace the default wallpaper collection with it quite easily.

iDynamic iOS Home iDynamic iOS Wallpapers

Using iDynamic is quite easy; the app’s main screen shows a list of wallpaper sets available in iDynamic. Each set consists of wallpapers with similar patterns but in different colors. iDynamic hosts a full marketplace of these wallpaper sets, including both free and paid ones. For now, there are just eight sets available in total, but we expect this number to go up with the app’s future updates. Currently, three wallpaper sets are available as free downloads, while five are paid. iDynamic also allows you to restore the stock background collection by choosing the default collection from its list. Paid sets can be unlocked by shelling out $1.99 but if you are interested in just a particular color, it is also possible to purchase a single wallpaper for $0.99.

Once you select a set, iDynamic shows a preview of all the colors available in it. Rather than letting users apply these wallpapers right from within the app, iDynamic goes the longer route of replacing the default Dynamic wallpaper collection in iOS 7 with the set of your choice. This can be done by hitting the checkmark icon located in the top-right corner of the preview screen, and then selecting the ‘Respring’ option displayed in the dialog box that shows up.

iDynamic iOS Set

A bit disappointingly, the wallpaper thumbnails in the stock Settings app don’t change even after you have added a new set to your device. The new wallpapers are still present though, and can be applied just like the default ones. In our experience, iDynamic wallpapers work very smoothly on iDevices, and without any considerable lag. The responsiveness and animations are quite good as well.

iDynamic is a free app, and certainly brings some much-needed variety to an already decent feature of iOS 7. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.


  1. I agree.. And now for some reason I can’t restore my stock live wallpapers.. Horrible idea to even download an app like this!

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