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Get System Toggles Under iPhone Lock Screen Slider With LockBar Settings

More and more Cydia developers have recently started adopting the policy of releasing a beta version of their upcoming tweak in the form of DEB files before making it available as a release on the Cydia store. A few days back, MessageBox took that route, and now, LockBar Settings is available for manual download as well. We have to admit that LockBar isn’t as highly anticipated as MessageBox was, but the features it offers can really become an essential part of your daily routine. With LockBar Settings, iOS users get to place four of their most frequently needed system toggles on their device’s lock screen. Much like LockscreenToggles, the new controls added to the lock screen by LockBar only become visible when you invoke them. In fact, it is even possible to require an extra tap for their actions to ensure that a toggle is never hit accidentally.

LockBar Settings iOS Menu LockBar Settings iOS Options LockBar Settings iOS

To avoid cluttering your screen space, LockBar Settings is only limited to adding a maximum of four toggles to the lock screen. You have to choose these toggles by heading to the new menu that LockBar adds to the stock Settings app. Before getting down to selecting the toggles though, the tweak requires you to define the gesture that is to be used for revealing the hidden row of options on the lock screen. You can go for an upwards swipe on the unlocking bar, double-tap the bar, or even enable both these gestures so that either of them works.

Next, you have to define the actions that each toggle should perform. There are a total of six toggle options in the LockBar Settings list, but only four available spots. So, you have to choose the actions that are the most useful in your opinion, and ignore the other two. The toggles deal with airplane mode, Bluetooth, Location, Wi-Fi, respring and flashlight. If the ‘Enable DoubleTap’ option is switched on for a particular toggle, the chances of it getting accidentally activated can be minimized to a large extent.

LockBar Settings iOS Site LockBar Settings iOS Open LockBar Settings iOS Installer

For now, LockBar has not been released in the Cydia store, but you can get a fully functioning beta version of the tweak by doing the following.

  1. Make sure iFile is installed on your iPhone.
  2. Open this post in Mobile Safari, and tap the link given below to navigate to the official page of LockBar Settings’ developer
  3. On the developer’s page, tap the provided download link.
  4. Hit the ‘Open in “iFile”’ button.
  5. Tap ‘Installer’ from the list of iFile options that come up.
  6. Tap ‘Done’.
  7. Exit iFile and respring your device.

You’ll now have access to LockBar Settings even before it shows up in Cydia.

[via Reddit]

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