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Get Tasker-Like Task Scheduling On iOS With Timer Options

Reminder apps and task managers are abound in the iOS App Store, but getting notifications about your chores is not the same as scheduling them for automatic completion (and no, we are not talking about turning Siri into your housemaid). How many times have you set a reminder for something related to your device, like calling someone in the noon, or maybe turning your phone off at a particular hour? If you want to actually automate these tasks rather than setting mere reminders for them, we’ve got Cydia app that offers you this level of detail and control over the main functions of your device. Timer Options is a new release in the jailbreak store, and lets you schedule a lot of system-related actions for a later time. To make things convenient, you can set a timer by performing any Activator gesture of your choice.

Timer Options Settings Timer Options 1 Timer Options 2

The first step in configuring Timer Options is to choose the Activator gesture that displays the timer screen. You also get to choose whether you want the timer to work in terms of minutes and seconds, or hours and minutes. Now that the basic setup is in place, select the action that you want the timer to control. Timer Options can be used to trigger actions like turning off the phone, putting it in safe mode, toggling Wi-Fi, launching an app, calling someone, taking a screenshot and plenty more. From among the 16 available actions, only three require any further configuration and offer separate fields of their own in the Timer Options menu for the purpose. These include ‘Call number’, ‘Speak text’, and ‘Open App’. You will have to specify the number you want to call, the app that has to be launched, and the exact text you want Timer Options to speak once the countdown runs out.

To set the timer for the default action, exit the Settings app, invoke the tweak and specify a time period. At the specified time, Timer Options will automatically perform the selected action even if the phone’s screen is locked,  though the tweak is optimized for passcode lock and won’t launch apps if you have your screen protected. Actions like speaking some text and switching off the device work regardless of a passcode.

Although the concept behind Timer Options is great, the execution could have been improved. For now, you will have to choose an action as the default one, and the timer will only trigger that one until you go to the Settings app and change it manually. The developer should add the option of assigning different gestures for multiple actions. Still, the tweak isn’t bad for a $0.99 purchase, so give it a shot by grabbing it from the ZodTTD & MacCiti repo in Cydia store.

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