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Gmail For iOS Gets The New Tabbed Inbox & Better Notifications

Due to the competitive nature of the market, it is impossible for even well-established companies like Google to rest on their laurels. This is why Gmail has had some pretty decent updates in the not-so-distant past. Google gives priority to Android apps when it comes to big updates, but iOS is rarely left far behind, as has happened with Gmail’s new tabbed interface and categories. The new inbox was rolled out first for the web version of Gmail, and the Android update was hot on its heels. Today’s Gmail update for iOS brings the app on par with its Android counterpart, as support for the new category-based inbox has been added to it. Gmail’s notification system on iOS has been significantly improved as well, as you can now configure the app to push notifications only for important mails.

Gmail-iOS-tabbed-Inbox Gmail-Promotions-tab New-Gmail-iOS-notifications

If you still haven’t configured Gmail’s new tabbed inbox, the iOS update won’t do much for you. Categories can’t be enabled or disabled from within the app though, and you have to head to the web version of Gmail to configure them. Our guide to configuring Gmail’s category-based inbox should help if you feel lost. Defining new categories isn’t really a big deal, and you should be able to easily configure everything within a few minutes.

Once you have updated the app on your iPhone or iPad, just head to its main menu to switch between the configured categories. Each category has separate badges of its own, showing the number of pending unread mails. The ‘Primary’ tab lists all the messages that don’t belong to a particular category. Gmail for iOS now also displays labels in a more prominent manner, thanks to the app’s latest update.

When it comes to notifications, the app offers three new options in the settings menu, which can be accessed via the sidebar. You can choose to receive instant notifications for all new messages, only ones that are important (by going for the ‘Primary Only’ option) or turn the alerts off for an account altogether. The app is now also capable of handling notification settings for multiple accounts separately.

Just like the Android version of the update, the new Gmail might not be available for all iOS users right now. We were able to access the tabbed inbox on our iPhone, but the iPad app still displays the old format (at least for us). The free Gmail app can be found by heading to the following link.

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