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Go Back In Time To Capture The Perfect Photo With timelyy For iPhone

During the past week, RIM was renamed to Blackberry, which might be indicative of the fact that Blackberry 10 is the company’s only shot at survival now. The OS could have been better, but it does get a lot of things right. It might be a long time before Blackberry gives major platforms any competition, but the platform’s constant decline might just change for now. One of the good features in BlackBerry 10 is the ‘Time Shift’ option in the camera. The idea is to capture multiple photos temporarily, and then save the best shot from them. The concept is great, but it is not necessarily new. Windows Phone has had it since last year when Nokia introduced Smart Shot in June, while iOS has a very simple and effective app named timelyy that does the same thing. The app was released a couple of months back, and it silently captures a string of images as soon as you launch it, allowing you to save any number of photos from that batch.

timelyy iOS Camera timelyy iOS Gallery timelyy iOS Settings

Despite performing a very useful task, timelyy might be the most straightforward app we have reviewed in a long time. A few instructions are overlaid on the buttons to help newcomers get started, and that’s about it for a tutorial. You might not know it, but timelyy starts capturing as soon as the camera preview screen shows up. To start from scratch, pull the camera slider to the right, and then drag it all the way back to the left. Do not press the camera button, and just hold your iPhone in front of the object or people you intend to capture. Once you have done that for a few seconds, it is time to save the best shots from the captured stream. Slide the camera knob along the rainbow line, but take care not to pull it all the way to the left. As the slider’s position changes, the image stream moves to different points in time. Whenever you come across a good frame, press the camera button, and the currently visible image will be saved to the camera roll as well as the app’s own library.

From the icon located in the bottom-right corner, you can access the timelyy gallery and settings. If you don’t want the app to save photos in its own gallery, toggle the ‘Save to timelyy gallery’ option off. It is also possible to add location data to your images.

timelyy costs $0.99 for now, but the price might go up next week. Give this great iPhone-app a shot to make sure you never get a disappointing photo again.

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