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Go Desk Brings Panoramic, Interactive Live Wallpapers To iPhone

Android users love flaunting their platform’s extensive customizatability and live wallpapers, but iOS isn’t exactly devoid of the fancy stuff either, especially if you own a jailbroken iDevice. The Cydia store offers the likes of WS Wallpaper, which adds support for scrollable home screen backgrounds, and the lively AnimateAll. AnimateAll allows users to set animations as the background image for the Notification Center, SpringBoard and lock screen, but that doesn’t compare to the interactive live wallpapers that are available on Android. Go Desk is a new tweak that brings such live wallpapers to iOS. The Cydia app lets you set panoramic (scrollable) live wallpapers as your home screen background. That’s like combining WS Wallpaper and AnimateAll, and then making the whole mix interactive! The only catch is that Go Desk’s wallpapers are proprietary, so you will have to wait for developers to create more live wallpapers for the app. For now, there is only one Go Desk live wallpaper available in Cydia, but it’s absolutely amazing and really fun to use.

Go Desk iOS Cydia Go Desk iOS Animation

If you have used WS Wallpaper, you will find Go Desk quite similar to it in its working. You’ll find the Cydia app’s icon on the SpringBoard after you’re done installing it. Even before you launch the app, a panoramic wallpaper is applied automatically. To use a panorama of your own, simply launch Go Desk and select the first option to pick one from the camera roll.

Go Desk iOS Menu Go Desk iOS Live Go Desk iOS Set

Now for the best part. Head to the Cydia store and search for “Go Desk Moonlight Pond”. This is the only panoramic animation available for now, which is probably why it is priced at a slightly hefty $2.99. Once you’ve installed the live wallpaper, you can set it as your home screen background from within Go Desk.

The app adds an icon-less screen just after the Spotlight search area to showcase the beauty of the wallpaper and let you interact with it. In this case, you get to play with the animated frog. You can make the frog jump to a another leaf by tapping it once. It even follows your finger around as you drag it across the screen.

On older devices, Go Desk might cause the SpringBoard to crash, but apart from that, it seems perfect. It could use some new animations that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but practical too, but we’re sure those will come along soon.

Give Go Desk a shot if you’re into moving home screens. The tweak is not compatible with the iPad, and is available as a free download in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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