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Go Pedometer Is The Ultimate GPS-Based Fitness Tracker For iPhone

Fitness can never come without proper motivation and constant action. To stay motivated though, it is essential to have a clear goal in mind at all times. It always helps to know that you aim to reduce your weight to a certain value, or try to bring your waist one size down. Working out without having a clear goal in sight can be effective if you are lucky, but for those looking for guaranteed improvement in their fitness, keeping track of all activities is necessary. In the past, this was only possible via physical trainers or a working knowledge of how the human body works, but these days we have apps like Reebok Fitness and Fitness One that can do the trick. Before you get into too many complicated calorie calculations and workout routines though, there is the basic problem of measuring your progress during the actual exercises. This is where apps like Go Pedometer can come in handy.

In the past we have covered another iPhone app by the name of Go Pedometer, which served a similar purpose but has since been taken down from the App Store (maybe this one is a re-release, but there are not many visible similarities and hence we can’t be 100% sure).

Go Pedometer iOS Session Go Pedometer iOS Home Go Pedometer iOS Graph

Go Pedometer makes use of your device’s sensors to measure the time, distance and speed of your running sessions. The app then uses this data to calculate different fitness-related stats. From the main screen of Go Pedometer, users can initiate a session by hitting the ‘Start’ button. The app uses a combination of readings from the GPS and accelerometer to calculate the number of steps you take, as well as the speed and distance covered during the jog. During a running session, the screen displays the number of steps, your current speed, the number of burnt calories and your route on the map. To help users work up a good rhythm, the increment in the step count is accompanied by a metronome sound. The tempo of this sound can be increased or decreased by using the settings button on the main screen.

Go Pedometer is a smart app, and maintains a history of your past workouts. To view these stats, head to the third tab in the bottom bar. The stats can be viewed in numerical form or as a graph.

Go Pedometer iOS Body Go Pedometer iOS Music

Like all good fitness apps, Go Pedometer has a music mode of its own. You can quickly create playlists on the go, shuffle your music, or loop your favorite songs. The app even displays each track’s album art on the main screen.

Go Pedometer is pretty good at tracking your workout sessions in real-time, and the app excels at calculating the impact of these sessions on your health as well. From the Go Pedometer settings, it is possible to enter your current height, weight and other physical measurements. These values are then used as baseline points your progress. In the ‘Body Tracking’ menu, the app calculates the BMI for users based on the weight and other measurements they enter after several workout sessions.

Go Pedometer is a surprisingly thorough fitness app, specially given the fact that it doesn’t rely too much on an active internet connection to perform most tasks. It can be downloaded for free from the link provided below. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.

Install Go Pedometer from App Store

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