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Goal Go Flag For iPhone Trains You To Adopt Any New Habit

There are many iOS users out there who can’t stand the sight of a badge on any of the app icons on their iPhone’s Springboard. They just have to oblige to the app’s wish, and get rid of the unwanted badge. This is one of the things upon which the Goal Go Flag app is based. The app can be treated as just another reminder/to-do app, but, in fact, it has the potential to do much more for its users. The main objective of Goal Go Flag is to make users adopt the habits of their choice. The app will send you reminders during the day to ensure that you perform the desired task at least once daily during the period you choose to follow the app’s habit cycle. It comes with Facebook integration (optional), bringing a social touch to the whole thing, so that you can boast of your achievements to motivate yourself.

Goal Go Flag iOS Goal Go Flag iOS Task Goal Go Flag iOS Task Progress

Goal Go Flag is really easy to use, and to make everything more convenient for new users, they are provided with graphical instructions when the app is launched for the first time. Goal Go Flag relies heavily on gesture control, and you won’t have to hit too many buttons to perform simple tasks. In order to create a new goal, swipe downwards on the Now screen. Setting up a goal requires the provision of a title, along with repetition details and cycle days. The cycle days concept might confuse you a little at first, but it is not all that complicated. The reminders and tasks configured on Goal Go Flag are usually repetitive, and you will have to keep coming back to the app each day, or every few days, if you want to consolidate any of the chosen habits. If you think one bout with a particular task is not going to be sufficient, try repeating the cycle a few times.

The buttons in Goal Go Flag are rather unique, and you will have to slide the cycle and repeat time knobs in order to set their value. To delete a particular task, just swipe across it on the Now page, and you will see the deletion button. To get the most out of Goal Go Flag, users must daily hit the Check button against each task’s name (after actually performing the task, of course). The app will send you reminder notifications if you forget to check-in some day, and even if you did not set a reminder for a particular goal, there are the persistent badges that remain on the Goal Go Flag icon until you have checked all your tasks for the day. If you link your Facebook account with Goal Go Flag, it will allow you to share your goals and progress with your friends. To check your progress on a particular objective, tap its name from the Now section. The colored bar indicates the remaining achievement percentage.

The app does cost $0.99, but that’s a small price for getting into new and beneficial habits, right? Goal Go Flag is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch display, and can be downloaded from the link given below.

Download Goal Go Flag For iOS

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