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Google Drive Updated With Document Editing & Media Upload [iOS/Android]

Google made a smart move when it bumped Google Docs to Google Drive, as a file backup service offers much more usability compared to just an online document editor. To complement the revamped service, Google released the official Google Drive apps for Android and iOS. While the Android app has been quite feature-rich from the beginning, the one for iOS lacked in numerous areas, and could’ve certainly used a massive dose of improvements. The most major omission in the iOS app for Google Drive was its inability to let people edit their documents. Apart from that, there were a lot of smaller annoyances, like the absence of animations if you were viewing a presentation on the app. The app also lacked features like upload of photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad, and you couldn’t even create a new document without having to go to your PC. Now, however, all that and more has been addressed by the latest update of Google Drive for Apple’s smartphone platform. Even the Android version of the app has received some significant improvements, which we shall take a look at just past the fold.

Google Drive iOS Upload Google Drive iOS Presentation

Here is a complete list of all the new features introduced in the Google Drive client for iOS and Android.

  • Easier File Management: Hitting the ‘+’ button on the app’s main screen, you can now create new documents and folders. The folder option is new to Android as well, and is sure to make everything more manageable for smartphone users of Google Drive. By hitting the arrow next to any file’s name and choosing the Move option, you can add any document to a particular folder.
  • Media Upload: Google Drive for iPhone now lets its users add photos and videos to their accounts. The uploads are possible both from the camera roll, or straight from your iDevice’s camera as fresh captures.
  • Better Viewing of Presentations: While you still can’t edit presentations stored on your Drive account, the app now lets its users view them in full. Even the transition animations are visible if you are viewing the presentation on your Android or iPhone. Speaker notes can be viewed within the app, too.

Google Drive iOS Edit Doc Google Drive iOS Formatting

  • Document Editing: If you have got a lot of Google document files stored in your Drive account, it is now possible to edit them on the go. The editing feature was already available in the Android variant of Google Drive, and now it has made its way to iOS, too. You can select font type and size for documents, while background color, bold, italic and underline buttons are available in the top bar as well.
  • Collaborative Editing: Google Drive for iOS lets its users set new permissions for individual files in your account, and also shows the current viewers of any document.

Google Drive is now available in more than 30 languages, and has got some other useful features as well (like letting its users delete files using the app). The app remains free, of course, and the iOS version is optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

Download Google Drive For iOS

Download Google Drive For Android

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