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Group All Messages In Your Inbox By Sender & Block Email Trackers

Email clients aren’t something we switch every other month. Once we get comfortable with a particular email app, we’re likely going to use it with prejudice. New email apps have a difficult time breaking out unless they offer something uniquely different. Unibox is an email client that offers to group emails by recipients. It’s not the same conversation grouping that you see in Gmail where all emails in a thread are grouped together. Instead, it will group any and all emails sent by the same person into one regardless of the subject. Unibox has been available on OS X for over a year now but an iOS version of the app has just launched and it’s free. The app is as feature rich as any email client but the hook is how it sorts the emails for you.

Unibox is a full fledged email client and should you like how it sorts your email, it can replace the Gmail or Mail app on your iPhone. You can connect any type of email account with the app. It gives you the option to connect it either automatically, or manually. The automatic mode will detect the settings for your email and manual mode will allow you to input them yourself. Once you’ve signed into your email account, the app will take a little time to sort your email out for you. Once it’s done, visit your Inbox to view all messages sent by a single recipient.

unibox-inbox unibox-tracking-block

As mentioned early on, the app blocks tracking pixels in emails. These are basically invisible images that some people (marketers and ad managers mostly) add to emails to track whether or not they’ve been opened. Unibox lets you block them from its Settings under Privacy.

Unibox supports multiple accounts, lets you configure a signature, create groups, lets you configure swipe actions, and even has an independent text size control.

To be fair, Unibox isn’t going to replace my email app (the Gmail app) but I can see myself using it on occasion when the need arises.

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