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Group Emails By Type And Send Quick Replies [iOS]

Mailstrom is an old, and exceptionally useful tool that helps you clean up your inbox. It’s one of those innovative services that to date does not have anything that remotely compares to it. Spark is somewhere in the same category. It’s an iOS app for managing email. It’s safe to say that email management, while not a saturated niche, has quite a few existing apps and services that aim to make it easier and Spark is just another entry. What sets it apart is its smart inbox which will separate emails by date and type. Once you’ve connected your email account(s) and Spark has synced your email, it sorts it into categories; New, Newsletters, Notifications, and Pinned emails. You can then sort through the type of email you need to read first. It takes some hint from Gmail’s Inbox and has a snooze feature that you can use to set a reminder for answering an email or following up on it. It has three quick response buttons that you need only tap to send a reply to an email and a pin feature that lets you pin emails to a separate inbox, much like ‘starring’ or ‘favoriting’ an email. Last, but certainly not least, the app has an amazing number of customization features.

Open Spark and connect an email account. You can connect multiple emails and you will find the app’s interface is somewhat close to the Gmail for iPhone app’s interface.

Spark immediately sorts the emails into their respective types with the New section at the top showing you the newest emails for that day, followed by sections for notification and newsletter emails etc,. The green switch at the top lets you toggle the smart inbox and the normal inbox.

Spark Spark_smart_inbox

Tap an email and you can pin it by tapping on the pin button at the center of the screen, you can set a snooze alarm for it, and if you scroll down you will see the three reply option buttons.

Spark_email Spark_snooze

Pinned emails make up a separate inbox of their own. Spark also supports all major cloud drives and file sharing services when it comes to attaching files with an email. To access the app’s customization options, open the navigation drawer and scroll down to see the Settings option. The floating button you see in the navigation drawer takes you directly to the ‘Personalization’ screen.

Spark_options Spark_attachement


You can customize whether the app shows a notification badge for all emails, or just the new ones. You can rearrange the order the inboxes appear in, set the default action to archive or delete an email, customize sounds, and manage which cloud services you’ve connected.

spark_settings  spark_personalization

Spark is a full-fledged email client that can also connect with your calendar and leaves nothing wanting.

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