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How to group video chat with eight people on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has had group chats and video chats for quite a while but it’s only now increased the number of users you can have a group video chat with. Call it a response to the COVID-19 lockdown but the app has now doubled the number of people you can have a video chat with at once. It’s nothing new; lots of companies that have a chat client or are a messaging platform have been improving their features and Facebook has even launched a brand new app.

Here’s how you can video chat with up to eight people on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp video call requirements

This is a new feature and in order to use you must ensure the following;

  1. Everyone that is to be included in the eight-people video call is running the absolute latest version of WhatsApp.
  2. Add everyone to a group.
  3. The person initiating the call must have everyone in the group added as a contact. Group participants who are not contacts cannot be included in the eight-people video chat.

WhatsApp: Video Chat With Up to Eight People

In order to video chat with up to eight people follow the steps below;

  1. Create a group, add as many people as you want in it but remember only eight can participate in a group video chat.
  2. Open the group, tap the call button at the top right.
  3. A menu will open listing the participants in the group.
  4. Select seven. You’re the eighth participant in the video chat.
  5. Once the participants have been selected, you will see buttons at the top for starting a video or audio call. Tap the video call (camera) button to start the call.


If you’re unable to add a user to a video call, make sure they are running the latest version of WhatsApp. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of device restriction for the feature and it should be available on most devices. If a user is running the latest version of the app but has an older phone or is not running the latest version of the OS for their device, it might prevent them from using this feature.

If the app has recently been updated, try quitting it and opening it again. It’s also worth restarting your phone to get the feature to appear.

WhatsApp used to allow video chat with up to four people at once. It’s now doubled that number for both iOS and Android users to eight.

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