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Have Your Phone Call Out To You Every Hour So You Don’t Lose It

We’ve all misplaced our phones at some point. They’re super thin and as each millimeter of their thickness is shed with a new model, they get easier to lose. It’s getting so you don’t have to let the phone slip between the crack in the couch and cushions to lose it. You can instead lose it by accidentally shutting it in a book. We once reviewed an app called Marco Polo for the iPhone that allowed you to call out to your phone if you had lost it but the app had one downside; it taxed your battery. Butterfingerz is an app for both iOS and Android that calls out to you after every hour so that if you can’t find your phone, you can follow the sound to it.

Butterfingerz is endorsed by part-time actor and full-time zombie killer Norman Reedus who is featured on the app as a chibi character. The app not only calls out to you at one hour intervals, it also says Ouch! if you drop it.

Go to the app’s settings and in the Sound tab, select how sensitive the device should be to being dropped and select the idle time after which the app should call out to you. The maximum time you can set is one hour. The app supports quite hours during which it will not alert you to pick up your phone.

Butterfingerz-general Butterfingerz-sound

The app has different responses for  calling out to get your attention, and for announcing that it has been dropped.

Butterfingerz-alert1 Butterfingerz-alert2

The app offers in-app purchases that allow you to purchase call outs in Norman Reedus’ voice. You can request voices by other celebrities as well. I can’t say for sure how much effective a lure this is going to be for generating revenue but the app is still better than what Aaron Paul endorsed.

Download Butterfingerz From The App Store

Download Butterfingerz From The Google Play Store

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