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How To Hide The iPhone X Notch From Your Screen

The iPhone X is a powerful device with features that are unique to this particular model. It’s also got a terrible design problem in the form of the notch. It’s notorious at this point that the bezel-less design failed to incorporate the front camera and speakers aesthetically. Hence, the all screen design is marred by a notch that makes room for the camera an speaker. It’s unsightly. You can hide the iPhone X notch from your screen with a neat wallpaper trick that the Notcho iOS app can apply to any image in your camera roll.

Hide The iPhone X Notch

Notcho hides the iPhone X notch by modifying the wallpaper you use. It pushes the wallpaper down and adds a black bar at the top. The notch is hidden inside this black bar.

You can import a photo from your camera roll and Notcho will add the black bar just above it. Once the bar is added, save the new image to your camera roll. Open the Settings app and go to Wallpaper. Tap Choose a New Wallpaper and select the image Notcho created. Apply it to both the lock screen and the home screen to hide the iPhone X notch.

An alternative method to hide the iPhone X notch is to use a wallpaper that has black borders or is predominantly black at the top. We have a few iPhone X wallpapers that fit the bill.

The information usually shown at the top of an iPhone X i.e. the signal status, the battery percentage, alarms, WiFi connectivity, etc., will be easy to read so no functionality is sacrificed by using a wallpaper with a black bar added at the top.

Cosmetic Change

This is by all accounts a cosmetic change and it applies only to your lock screen and your home screen. When you open an app, any app, the notch will be back. You might not even like the transition from home screen to app screen when the notch will obviously appear again. Maybe at some point developers will decide to add a black bar at the top of all screens in their app to hide the design flaw but that’s really up to them.

Some iPhone X owners are saying they’ve warmed up to this little quirk and the notch doesn’t bother them any more. Others are looking for a creative solution around the problem and this is as simple as it gets. The only alternative is wallpapers that incorporate the notch within the image.

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  1. Actually, using the solid black wallpaper (included in Settings>Wallpaper on the iPhone X) will not only hide the “terrible” notch from your sensitive eyes, but it will also save some battery life since black pixels on OLED displays don’t use any energy. ?

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