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Highlight Specific Colors In A Photo With New Fade & Color Feature In Instagram

Filter apps keep crowding the photography app category on both iOS and Android app stores. Meanwhile, Instagram which fuelled their popularity isn’t sitting back and allowing the photo-filter space to crown a new king. A recent Instagram update for Android has rolled out two new features; Fade and Color. Fade as the name implies allows you to give a sort of washed out look to your photo whereas the Color feature lets you pick colors to highlight or tone down. It is something like an extension of the Shadows and Highlights feature introduced a while back but with an emphasis on a particular color. The features have rolled out for Android and will be rolled out soon for iOS.

Update: The features are now available for iOS.

Android users can find the new Fade and Color options under the spanner settings button. The Fade effect works like a filter in that you can manage how strong the fade is. After enabling it, use the slider to set its intensity.

instagram_fade_color Instagram_fade

The Color effect offers more options; it is split between two tabs called Shadows and Highlights. The Shadows tab has colors, lighter shades, that you can darken further in the image and the Highlight tab has brighter colors that you can bring out in the photo. Select a color and tap and hold to bring up the slider that will let you manage it.

Instagram_color_shadow Instagram_color

The only thing worth mentioning here is that you need to use the Color feature carefully. If you go overboard, you basically end up tinting the photo the same color as the one you picked out. It’s helpful to start with using colors that are actually in the photo before you move on to a more complex composition. Here’s hoping the iOS update comes before the end of the week.

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