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HomeScreenDesigner Lets You Arrange iOS 7 Home Screen Icons In Any Layout

Android is the platform usually associated with Home screen customization, but iOS can certainly hold its own in that regard if you have a jailbroken device. There are a couple of ways you can tweak your app icons and the Home screen in general even without the jailbreak store, but they are somewhat time-consuming. HomeScreenDesigner is a new Cydia app that allows users to change the default layout of the iOS 7 home screen. You can change the way icons are arranged on Springboard pages, hide their labels, and even apply layouts created by other users to your iPhone. HomeScreenDesigner is a feature-rich package but even if you don’t want to spend too much time trying to create the perfect iPhone screen, the app can still prove to be of great use, thanks to its readymade themes and drag-and-drop configuration options.

HomeScreenDesigner iOS Grid HomeScreenDesigner iOS Layout

To create a new screen arrangement for your iPhone from scratch, head to HomeScreenDesigner’s ‘Layout Maker’, and start adding dummy icons to the screen by hitting the ‘+’ button located in the top-right corner. To work in freehand mode, just drag the icons around anywhere you want. To retain a semblance of order though, it is advisable to toggle on the ‘Grid’ mode using the ‘Options’ button. The icons automatically get snapped to a grid in this mode, but to let the users keep some control in their hand, HomeScreenDesigner allows them to tinker with the size and dimensions of the grid. Other options in the app let you choose different background images for different Home screen pages, and you can also add support for both portrait and landscape modes to your iPhone or iPod touch’s Springboard.

HomeScreenDesigner iOS Uploads HomeScreenDesigner iOS Settings

With this app, it is possible to use as many layouts in conjunction as you want. Simply head to the ‘Saved’ tab, choose a layout, and select the page where you want to apply it. To make sure that your hard work does not stay limited to just your device, HomeScreenDesigner allows users to upload themes to the cloud. The ‘Uploaded’ section lists all the themes shared by HomeScreenDesigner users. Simply tap a theme once to preview it, and tap itagain to apply it to your screen.

From the stock Settings app, it is possible to toggle your HomeScreenDesigner layout with a  single tap. Another useful option in this menu is the button for ‘Placeholder Icons’. These placeholders let users see what the layout will look like if they move any icon around to a new position.

HomeScreenDesigner iOS H HomeScreenDesigner iOS A1 HomeScreenDesigner iOS M HomeScreenDesigner iOS Z

HomeScreenDesigner is a great app, with a wealth of customization options at its disposal. It is priced at $1.99, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo if you are on iOS 7.

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