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How To Access The Medical ID On iOS 8 In An Emergency

The Health app in iOS 8 is a huge deal for both users and developers. The past few years saw the gadget world explode with personal health and fitness trackers and with the Health app and Health Kit, those amazing devices can feed the information directly to one of the most popular phones. Where the app is amazing for letting us connect our favorite fitness devices, it also adds something very essential to the iPhone; an emergency contact sheet. We’ve been saving ICE (In case of emergency) numbers to our phones for ages but the Health app has allowed a proper Medical ID to be created. It includes numbers to contact during an emergency, as well as details of any medication an individual might be on, pre-existing conditions, allergies, and their blood group. You can create the ID in the Health app and here’s where you can access it from the lock screen in an emergency

In the event of an emergency where a friend is unable to unlock their device and you need to intervene on their behalf, you can access their Medical ID from the lock screen without needing to enter the passcode or the touch ID.

Swipe right to bring up the Enter Passcode screen and tap Emergency. In previous versions of iOS this was how you made an emergency phone call from a locked device. At the bottom right of the Emergency Call screen is the Medical ID button. Tap it and it will expand to reveal all the information stored by the owner of the phone.

med_id_ios8 med_id_ios8_view

The Medical ID will give you access to valuable information and you can initiate a call to any one of the emergency numbers that the user has designated. That said, the medical ID will be useless if it isn’t set up properly so do encourage your friends to set it up.

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