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How To Add/Remove Third-Party Keyboards In iOS 8

I should just use the same introductory sentence for these posts, since they are all just some variants of “iOS 8 is out, it has new features”. So, iOS 8 is out, it has new features, like widgets and third-party keyboards. Not that there is anything wrong with the native keyboard, but sometimes one has to experiment with what else is out there, perhaps you might like a third-party over your cherished iOS 8 keyboard. Only one way to find out, install it (like SwiftKey) and see for yourself. Allow us to walk you through how to install third-party keyboards on iOS 8.

Some are paid, some are free, some are incredible and some are underwhelming at best, their prices are not directly proportional to their performance, Swype and SwiftKey happen to be my personal favourites, but perhaps you can select your own over time.

Third-Party Keyboard - GeneralThird-Party Keyboard - KeyboardThird-Party Keyboard - Keyboards

The installation process is simple go to the App Store and search “keyboard”, then pick one that you like and install it much like you would install any other app. Likewise, to uninstall the keyboard, simply remove the app as you would any other app. The next is to enable the keyboard and this is just as easy as installing it. Go to the Setting app.

Under General > Keyboard > Keyboards, you will see a separate section listing any and all Third-Party Keyboards you may have downloaded. Tap on it and it will become active. See? Simple.

Third-Party Keyboard - Add NewThird-Party Keyboard - Added

Keep in mind that each custom keyboard will have its own settings that you will have to configure by accessing the app itself. Once activated, launch any app that requires the keyboard and press the globe next to the spacebar until it switches to the new keyboard. Your new keyboard is installed and you are ready to use it.

If you want to revert to the original keyboard, tap on that globe again and you will be able to return to your previous keyboard. If you have more than one keyboard installed then you might have to cycle through all the keyboards before coming to the one you want. Some keyboards require added permissions, they will inform you if that is the case, just follow the app’s instructions on how to grant it permissions.

Third-Party Keyboard - Full AccessThird-Party Keyboard - Globe

That is quite literally it.  Enjoy your new keyboard, tell us how it fared by shouting off in the comments below.

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