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How To Block Websites On iOS Devices & Keep Kids Safe

iPads have become a popular learning tool over the many years. Where an iOS device can be a great learning tool for a child, it can also give them access to age-inappropriate content. There’s also the fact that kids just learn to use technology faster than you would expect them to and there comes a point when you can’t just limit them to use certain apps. At times like these, you might want to consider blocking access to a few websites that you deem inappropriate for kids. Here’s how you can block a website on an iOS device.

Blocking websites has been possible for years in iOS and even if you’re running iOS 7, you can still use this exact same feature to block a website.

Go to the Settings app and in General>Restrictions turn restrictions On. You will need to set a password for restrictions if this is the first time you are setting it up. Next, scroll to the end of the list of apps that you can enable restrictions for and you will see a ‘Websites’ option.

Tap it, and change the selection from ‘All Websites’ to ‘Limit Adult Content’. Once you do so, two new fields will appear below it to ‘Always Allow’ and to ‘Never Allow’ certain websites. The Always Allow field lets you whitelist websites, whereas the Never Allow field lets you blacklist them.

Tap ‘Add a website’ under ‘Never Allow’ and enter the domain you want to block on the device.

ios-restrict-website ios-restrict-website-1

This restriction is imposed for any and all browsers on your iOS device. It will also prevent apps that have built-in browsers (Facebook and Twitter) from accessing the domain.

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