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How To Cast A Safari Tab To Chromecast From Your iPhone

App extensions in iOS have made it easier for apps to talk to each other. Sharing links, opening files from one app in another, or just using an app within an app are some of the things that iOS extensions allow you to do. MomoCast is a free iOS app that works as an extension and lets you cast a Safari tab to Chromecast. The free version of the app has ads which you can remove with an in-app purchase of $1.99. The extension is meant to work with Safari but will also work with certain other apps that support it, for example, you can cast a Tweet from inside the official Twitter app to Chromecast with MomoCast but you cannot cast a Chrome for iOS tab. You must have iOS 8 or above running on your iPhone for the app to work.

Download MomoCast and open Safari. Open any link of your choice and tap the share button at the bottom. Scroll to the very end of the second row of action buttons on the share menu and tap the ‘More’ button. On the Activities screen, look for and enable MomoCast.

MomoCast-enable  MomoCast-share

Return to Safari and tap the Share button again from the tab you want to cast. Tap ‘Cast with MomoCast’ and it will switch to the app’s screen inside Safari. Tap the cast button at the top right of this screen and select the TV/device you want to connect to.

MomoCast-chromecast MomoCast-select

MomoCast will ask if you want to stream videos on the page or the entire page itself. If you’re looking to cast the web page, tap ‘See the webpage on TV’ and it will begin mirroring the tab to your Chromecast. You can choose what resolution to cast the tab in with two options, 1080p and 720p, available.

MomoCast-video-page MomoCast-resolution

MomoCast works exceptionally well with no lag. You can scroll the web page and navigate to a different link without any trouble. Video playback is a bit choppy but you should probably try a different app for it.

Install MomoCast From The App Store

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