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How to Check Your Apple Device Repair Status Without Hassle

After submitting your faulty iPhone to an Apple Service center around you, you can track the repair progress and get information on when you’ll be expected to go pick up your device. This is made possible with the Repair Status portal on Apple’s website.

Apple supports this service in many countries worldwide, and it covers all Apple products, including iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and iWatch. Therefore, you can track your device’s repair status after dropping it off. The steps below will guide you in that regard.


How to Perform an Apple Repair Status Check 

Ideally, depending on the damage or fault on your device, the service center should complete the repair between 3–5 business days. You should also get a follow-up email bearing your repair ID, which you’ll utilize to track your repair progress on Apple’s Repair Status portal.

Once the repair is complete, they may send your device to your home or notify you to pick it up at the service center, depending on your city. With that clarified, let’s delve into how to check your repair status below:

  • Open your browser, preferably Safari, and type the website checkrepair.apple.com in the address bar
  • You should access the Repair Status portal directly. If you don’t, log in with your Apple ID as prompted.
  • On the Repair Status page, you’ll find a form to fill. Type in your Case or Repair ID first and then your postal code or serial number.

How to Get the Information Requested in the Repair Status Form

Your repair or case ID is issued to you upon submitting your phone at the Apple service center. Ideally, you should receive the ID before leaving the premise or via a follow-up email. Log in to the email you submitted or linked to your Apple ID to see if you have any unread messages containing your case ID.

In the case of your postal code, use that of your resident city. If you don’t know your postal code, search for it on Google with the keywords “City + Postal Code.” For instance, “Dallas, Texas Postal Code.” Either way, you’re better off providing your serial number for better results.

How do you know your Apple device’s serial number? You can check in five different ways, which are as follows:

  1. Check the back of your device if it’s an iPhone
  2. Check the packaging of your Apple device and check the serial number next to the barcode
  3. If your iPhone is still working a bit and you’re yet to take it for repair, launch the Settings app and go to General > About
  4. Visit iTunes with your affected Apple device ID and check the Devices tab under Preferences.
  5. Lastly, if you still can’t get your device serial number, ransack your home or office for the purchase receipt.

Final Notes

That’s it! Checking the repair status for your Apple devices requires you to fill in a few pieces of information, as demonstrated in the steps above. The service center can be slow in updating the progress made with your device but do not panic. You’ll most certainly get a follow-up email once your device is ready for pickup.

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