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How To Create Checklists In The Notes App In iOS 9

In iOS 9 the Notes app gets a major overhaul; it is no longer limited to simple text or image based notes. It now features bulleted lists, headings, free hand drawing, and of course, the ability to insert a photo or take one from within the app and add it to a note. It also has another super useful new feature that is bound to encroach on the space of many popular apps; the Notes app in iOS 9 now lets you create checklists. Much like the lists you create in the Reminder app but without the stipulation to set a due date, alarm, or repeated occurrence for them, the lists are meant for the simple things you need to remember; groceries or stuff you have to pack for a trip. Here’s how to make a checklist in the Notes app in iOS 9.

Open the Notes app and go to one of the default folders (iCloud or On My Phone) or create a new one if you like. Create a new note in one of the folders and tap the floating plus button at the bottom right of the note body. You will see a new bar appear just above the suggested words featuring a check mark, a text button, a camera button, a squiggly line button, and a close button.

Tap the check mark button to add the first checkable item. Type in whatever it is you want to buy (or have to do) and hit enter. Each new line starts a new item on the check list. Once you’ve created your list, you can open it up and tap the circle next to an item to mark it as ‘done’.

notes-ios9 checklists-notes-ios9

To create a mix of bulleted items, checklists, and simple text, use the text tools from this same bar and switch to the ‘Body’ type of text.

checklists-notes-ios9-checked-item notes-ios9-text

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