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How To Create Your Very Own Real Time Pokémon Tracking Map

Update: The developers have discontinued this app in response to a cease and desist from Niantic. Check out the nearby bar tracking technique instead.

Pokémon Go is spawning more than just Pokémon around you, It’s resulted in a multitude of different apps, tools, and products being developed to cater to players needs both technical and nostalgic. With regards to the tools and apps that are being developed to support Pokémon Go players, the most popular ones are maps that let you locate where Pokémon are spawning nearby in real time. These maps are great but very unstable for a multitude of reasons. Often, players simply can’t use them because they are crippled by the load they face on a daily basis. The only way around this is to create your very own map that shows nearby Pokémon as they spawn. Here’s how.

Before we dive into this, there are two things you might be wondering;

Is this cheating? No. This will show you where Pokémon are spawning nearby but that’s all it does. It isn’t going to help you catch them. You still have to get up and physically walk to the location to catch a Pokémon.

Will this get you banned? Yes, it will. Use it at your own risk or better, use a different Google account for it. This can result in a ban from the game because it is a violation of the app’s terms. When you use this map, you access the game’s servers from outside the game and that’s not okay with Niantic.

What You Need

Install Python 2.7.12 from here. No other version will do the trick.

Download Pokémon Go Map from here but get version 1.0. Version 2.0 requires you create your own Google Maps API and it might take more time than you’re willing to invest to set it up. We’re going with the shortest, easiest, and quickest method here.

How To

Step 1: Install Python. Run the exe to do so and enter your admin password if asked to. Install it for all users. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Step 2: Extract Pokémon Go Map.  Hold down the Shift key and right-click inside the folder. Select ‘Open command window here’ from the context menu.

Step 3: Run the following command. It will install pip and will take up to ten minutes to finish.

C:\Python27\Scripts\pip install -r requirements.txt

python set up

Step 4: Run the following command once pip has been installed.

python example.py -a ptc -u [Username] -p [Password] -l [Your current location] -st 100

If you are using your Pokémon trainer account, leave ‘ptc’ untouched. Enter your username and password in the respective areas indicated above. Go to Google Maps and find yourself on the map. Pick your lon/lat coordinates and replace [Your current location] with them. The ‘-st 100’ indicates the scan radius where st 100 means one hundred steps. You can increase this to any number you want.

If you’re using your Google account to sign in, replace ‘ptc’ with ‘Google’. Enter you Google username and password in the respective fields.


Step 5: Open your web browser and type localhost:5000 in the URL to see the map and the Pokémon spawning nearby.


Don’t close the command prompt window until you’re ready to close the map as well. We should mention again that this accesses the Pokémon servers so use it only if you’re having serious trouble finding Pokémon.


  1. the pokemon go-map source which is the local host server that runs the app through python on your google maps has been shut down . which is why you’re not seeing any pokemon show up on your maps when it is ran.

  2. Can you kindly explain the location format? I am inputting as 43.6532,-79.3832 but its giving error message “unrecognized arguments : –79.3832”. is this still working after pokevision got shut down?


    • Got that to work! Much thanks DE. But now I have to figure out why the pokemon will not show up on the map even as pin drops. API request getting a 404 response… I think Niantic is blocking that request. I can however pin point through a hard type of the lon/lat and view it myself. But, that is A LOT of code to look through and be able to retrieve fast to the 4 decimal before the next line computes then get out there and get it.
      If any one has the change to make the code request receivable please let us know!
      The Original

    • Format like this and try.
      -l “12.34567 98.7654”
      If that doesn’t work link your command line so we can see it.

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