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How To Disable Spotlight Search History In iOS 10

Spotlight search has once again been given its own dedicated page on your home screen in iOS 10. In iOS 8, Spotlight was accessed by swiping down on the home screen or from inside an app. Prior to iOS 8 though, in fact from the earliest version of the OS leading up to iOS 8, Spotlight search has always had its own dedicated page. The dedicated page makes a come back in iOS 10 and Spotlight search itself gets a few new features. Spotlight now saves your search history so that every time you tap the search bar, your recent searches show up. This helps when you need to search for the same thing again but if you find the search history annoying you can turn it off. Here’s how.

To turn off Spotlight search history, open the Settings app. Go to General>Spotlight Search and turn off ‘Siri Suggestions’. Your search history will no longer appear as a suggestion when you access Spotlight search.

spotlight-search-settings spotlight-search

This will of course also turn off the suggested apps which appear under the Spotlight search and they can be pretty useful. There’s no other way to turn it Off unfortunately so if you find the suggested apps useful but don’t want your search history to show up, you’re going to have to choose between the two.

Search will remember the many phrases you used in a previous search and sometimes they might not be the smartest things so it’s understandable why some users might not want a history of it showing up. You might also have certain apps installed on your phone that you search for via Spotlight and don’t want them to appear in your recent searches. It’s only a shame that Apple has coupled search history and recent apps together. Users may not necessarily want to turn both Off but are forced to any way.

What are your thoughts on iOS 10?

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