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How To Discreetly Save Snapchat Photos & Videos On Your iPhone

There was panic among the Snapchat community when reports surfaced claiming that the media-sharing messenger does not work properly on iOS 7. The whole premise of Snapchat is privacy and the ability to destroy messages after a short period of time. Thankfully, the latest beta of iOS 7 has restored the app’s ability to detect screenshot capturing, making a lot of people breathe easy again. Having said that, Snapchat is not foolproof by any means, and has never been so. Recently, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of Phantom that lets you save received Snapchat media without the other user getting notified. Only a fraction of the iOS devices are jailbroken though, which means that a limited number of people have access to the Phantom tweak.

However, if a service is popular enough, developers often come up with hacks and workarounds that are not jailbreak-dependant, as we have seen with Vine in the past. Snap Save for Snapchat is a new iPhone app that caches all your unread Snapchat messages, giving you a place to view and save these snaps without affecting the originals in the official app. You can take screenshots of photos or save videos to the camera roll, all without anyone getting a hint.

Snap Save iOS Cache Snap Save iOS Photo

You have to sign in to your Snapchat account on the Snap Save welcome screen to get started. There is an option to let the app remember your password, which can be helpful as you get logged out of the app every time you open the Snapchat app itself.

The main screen of Snap Save displays all the snaps you have received in the past. If the snaps have already been opened in Snapchat, you cannot open them in Snap Save, and an error message is displayed. You can, however, choose to delete these messages in bulk by hitting the arrow icon located in the top-right corner. For unread messages that you might have received recently, a message saying ‘Cached’ is displayed next to the title. You can open these media files within the app, and take as many screenshots as you want without notifying the sender. There is even a save button for each media file, but you can’t store an image to the camera roll in the app’s free version. By making an in-app purchase of $2.99 though, this feature becomes active.

Snap Save for Snapchat is a universal app, which is a bit strange as Snapchat itself is not display-optimized for bigger screens. You can give the app a go by following the link below.

Install Snap Save for Snapchat from App Store

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