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How To Edit The Up Next List When Playing Music On Shuffle In iOS

Our music libraries consist of two types of songs. Songs that we listen to over and over again, and songs that we like but don’t listen to often. We’re unlikely to delete these songs from our library because you never know when you might want to listen to it. It could happen. The shuffle mode on the Music app in iOS is a good way to keep cycling the music you listen to. You don’t limit yourself to a small selection from your library and some of the other tracks on your phone get a chance to be heard. The Music app in iOS gives you some control over which track is played next in shuffle mode. You can edit the up next list when playing music on shuffle. Here’s how.

Open the Music app on your iOS device and play music in Shuffle mode. Once the first track starts to play, tap the little player bar at the bottom of the screen.

On the song’s main screen, scroll down past the playback controls and you will see a list of all songs queued to play. This list can be edited; simply hold and drag & drop one song over the other.

The feature is present in the Music app in iOS 10. It’s possible that older versions of iOS had this feature too. The Music app is redesigned quite often so it’s hard to be sure unless you’re running an older version of iOS.

Organizing the next up list when you’re playing music on shuffle defeats the purpose of it to some extent. The whole point is to not repeatedly listen to your favorite songs again and again.

The next up list is always present regardless if you’re playing songs in their sorted order or if you have one song constantly playing on loop. The list basically shows which song(s) will be played if you tap the next button on the player controls.

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