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How To Go Live On Instagram

Instagram introduced a live broadcast feature some time ago. The company has been rolling it out to users all over the world in stages. Some users got the feature earlier than others and the roll out is still in progress. The feature is a clone of Periscope but unlike Periscope, your broadcast can be viewed so long as you’re live on Instagram. Once it ends, the broadcast cannot be replayed or viewed again. Here’s how it works.

Open the Instagram app. You won’t have to update it. A recent update has already added the feature to the app. If it isn’t visible to you, it’s because it hasn’t been made available for your account.

Swipe right to go to the stories screen. At the bottom, where you can switch between normal, boomerang, and hands free mode, you will see a new ‘Live’ mode. Swipe right to switch to live mode. Instagram will notify your followers when you go live. Tap on ‘Start live video’ to begin.

Instagram will check if your connection is strong enough to broadcast the live transmission before beginning. During the transmission, you can post comments as can everyone else watching it. You will get an on-screen notification at the bottom when a new comment is posted or when someone starts watching you live on Instagram.

When you’re live, you can enable night mode, flash, and switch between the front and rear end camera.


To end the video, tap ‘End’ at the top right. Instagram will confirm if you want to end the broadcast and then show you how many people watched it.


Your followers/friends who have alerts for live videos enabled will receive a notification when you go live. If they’ve disabled alerts, they will still know when you go live if they have the Instagram app open. Users that are live appear at the top of the home feed tab with a ‘Live’ badge.


Live on Instagram is available for both iOS and Android users. If you don’t see it yet, you have to wait until it is made available for your account.


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